Hillary Clinton as Big Sister. (With apologies to George Orwell.)

In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Hillary Clinton made two disturbing comments. One has, quite rightly, received a lot of negative publicity; the other one hasn’t but should.

Here’s the 5-minute video.

At the 2:15 point, Clinton said, “Maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members.” (She’s referring to MAGA Republicans, whom, recall, she referred to in 2016 as a “basket of deplorables.”)

Two things to note about this. First, if she had left out the word “formal,” one could more easily think that she was saying this off the top of her head and didn’t really believe it. But by using the word “formal,” she seems to show that she’s been thinking seriously about this proposal. That’s pretty creepy and dangerous. And to think that on election eve in 2016, after Fox News Channel projected Trump as the winner in Wisconsin, I was hoping for Clinton to pull it out. I now think that we really dodged a bullet. (Better the devil we know, etc.)

Second, notice Amanpour’s giggle when Clinton makes her proposal.

The part that hasn’t gotten as much notice, but is also dangerous for what it says about Clinton’s views on Americans’ freedom, comes at the 4:52 point. Clinton says:

Make America Great Again was a bid for nostalgia, to return to a place where, you know, people could be in charge of their lives, feel empowered, say what they want, insult whoever came in their way. And that was really attractive to a significant portion of the Republican base. So it is like a cult and somebody has to break that momentum.

Get it? Somebody has to break the momentum of a movement of people who want more freedom to live their lives as they see fit and to say what they want. And one way she proposes to rid people of this belief in freedom is “formal deprogramming.”