In this blog, I’ve done many posts criticizing the way our regulators inhibited an effective response to Covid-19. They discouraged mask wearing, they discouraged Covid testing, they put up all sorts of regulatory and legal hurdles that dramatically slowed vaccine development, authorization, etc.

Today, our biggest problem is that only 55% of Americans have received even a single dose of a Covid vaccine. Why is there so much resistance to the vaccines? Undoubtedly there are many factors, but Matt Yglesias identifies one especially inexcusable mistake made by the FDA:

I vaguely recall someone being accused of “hate speech” for accurately quoting the Bible, word for word.  I wonder if Facebook will eventually ban someone for accurately explaining the FDA’s views on vaccine safety?

PS.  In April of last year, I said we under-reacted to Covid at first, but would overreact by the end of the pandemic.  It looks like my prediction is coming true:

L.A. County will require masks indoors amid alarming rise in coronavirus cases

It seems increasingly likely that the delta variant of Covid is so contagious that almost everyone will either get vaccinated or get Covid.  If so, let’s just get it over with as soon as possible.  Vaccinate those who want it, and let the virus run wild among the remainder.