February 2024 ISSUE

Public Health from the People

By Byron Carson

There are many ways to privately improve public health. Such responses make use of local knowledge, entrepreneurship, and civil society and pursue standard goals of public health like controlling the spread of infectious diseases. Moreover, private responses improve ove...

Elon Musk, Sam Bankman-Fried, and Adam Smith’s Impartial Spectator

By Michael L. Davis

Book Review of Going Infinite: The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon, by Michael Lewis1 and Elon Musk, by Walter Isaacson.2 Economists don't find people all that interesting. Many of us have friends and family, but our models and analysis are devoid of personality ...

Setting the Record Straight on Income Inequality

By Art Carden

Book Review of The Myth of American Inequality: How Government Biases Policy Debate by Phil Gramm, Robert Ekelund, and John Early.1 Everyone knows inequality is growing. As a trio of economists consisting of former senator Phil Gramm, economics professor Robe...

The Pre-Modern Order

By Arnold Kling

Pre-industrial society was characterized by low degrees of economic, political and cultural integration. By contrast, a high degree of integration in all three respects is the hallmark of modernity... Economically, modernity breeds integration by its systemat...

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Arnold Kling

The Pre-Modern Order

Book Review Feb 5 2024

Social Psychology and Business

Book Review Jan 1 2024

Blank Slatism vs. Old Spicism

Book Review Dec 4 2023

Battle of the Sexes

Book Review Nov 6 2023

Glimpses of a New Order

Book Review Oct 2 2023

The Revanchist Right

Book Review Sep 4 2023

The Kids Are... Different

Book Review Jul 3 2023

In Search of Stable Money

Book Review Jun 5 2023

Cooperation Requires Large Brains

Book Review Apr 3 2023

Financial Policy

Book Review Mar 6 2023

Rejecting the Culture Transplant

Book Review Jan 2 2023

The Boys Under the Bus

Book Review Dec 5 2022

A Memoir and a Manifesto

Book Review Nov 7 2022

A Keynesian's Macroeconomic History

Book Review Oct 3 2022

When Cost-Benefit Analysis Fails

Book Review Sep 5 2022

Economic Thought Experiments

Book Review Jul 4 2022

The World's Got Talent

Book Review Jun 6 2022

A Fictional Progressive Gets Mugged

Book Review May 2 2022

Emotions in the Driver's Seat

Book Review Apr 4 2022

Can We Pick Better Leaders?

Book Review Mar 7 2022

Sociological Man

Book Review Feb 7 2022

When the Elite Become the Elect

Book Review Dec 6 2021

If I Were a Market Monetarist

Book Review Nov 1 2021

Sermons from Evolutionary Biologists

Book Review Nov 1 2021

Two Theories of Mind

Book Review Oct 3 2021

Should Humans Be More Like Machines?

Book Review Aug 2 2021

How Economics Drives News Media

Book Review Jul 5 2021

Drop Your Intellectual Defenses

Book Review Jun 7 2021

Grandmasters of Self-Promotion

Book Review Apr 5 2021

Agreeing to Disagree

Book Review Feb 1 2021

How to Break Up the Two-Party Duopoly

Book Review Jan 4 2021

Does Libertarianism Favor Labor?

Book Review Dec 7 2020

A WEIRD Turn in Social Science

Book Review Nov 2 2020

Liberty's Discontents

Book Review Sep 7 2020

Twilight of the Bourgeoisie

Book Review Aug 3 2020

Intellectuals Caught in the Middle

Book Review Jun 1 2020

Order and the Wealth of Nations

Book Review May 4 2020

The Sexual Revolution as Primal Cause

Book Review Mar 2 2020

He Tells Us It's the Institutions

Book Review Feb 3 2020

Wall Street Mysteries

Kling's Corner Jan 6 2020

How Democratic Capitalism Works

Book Review Nov 4 2019

Encourage Dissent

Book Review Sep 2 2019

Economic Aspects of Trust

Kling's Corner Jul 1 2019

Culture, Institutions, and Folkways

Kling's Corner Jun 3 2019

The Virtues of Big Business in America

Kling's Corner May 6 2019

Contemporary Society's Crumbling Pillar

Kling's Corner Apr 1 2019

DNA Determinism

Kling's Corner Feb 4 2019

Politics, Economics, and Evolution

Kling's Corner Jan 7 2019

Markets without Friction

Kling's Corner Dec 3 2018

The Prophet of Google's Doom

Book Review Sep 3 2018

Get the Story Straight

Book Review Jul 2 2018

Does Liberalism Destroy Liberty?

Book Review Jun 4 2018

What Makes Capitalism Tick?

Liberty Classics Apr 2 2018

Networks, Hierarchies, and History

Book Review Mar 5 2018

How Albion Seeded American Liberty

Book Review Feb 5 2018

Economics when Value Is Intangible

Book Review Jan 1 2018

The Simplicity Assumption

Book Review Dec 4 2017

Law, Legislation, and Leoni

Kling's Corner Nov 6 2017

The Sociology of Sociologists

Book Review Oct 2 2017

Bobos' Paradise Lost?

Book Review Sep 4 2017

The Practitioner's Challenge

Book Review Jul 3 2017

The Social Learning Animal

Book Review Jun 5 2017

The Pros and Cons of Liberty

Book Review May 1 2017

Present at the Destruction

Kling's Corner Apr 3 2017

Complacent or Pathological?

Book Review Mar 6 2017

The Tullock Problem and the Shaman Problem

Kling's Corner Feb 6 2017

Ideas and Economic Growth

Book Review Jan 2 2017

What Drove Alan Greenspan?

Book Review Dec 5 2016

Capitalism and Inequality

Book Review Nov 7 2016

The Tensions in Austrian Economics

Book Review Oct 3 2016

Communities versus the State

Book Review Sep 5 2016

Does Conflict Drive Cooperation?

Book Review Aug 1 2016

The Insiders versus the Outsiders

Book Review Jul 4 2016

Liberalism and Its Enemies

Book Review Jun 6 2016

Dismal Race "Scientists"

Book Review May 2 2016

The Conservative Way Forward?

Book Review Apr 4 2016

Why You Can't Argue with the New Left

Book Review Mar 7 2016

The Science of Liberty

Book Review Feb 1 2016

Revisiting the Great Depression

Book Review Jan 4 2016

Risks, Seen and Unseen

Book Review Dec 7 2015

A Wray of Light on Hyman Minsky

Book Review Nov 2 2015

Phools and Their Money

Book Review Oct 5 2015

The Fundamental Rule of Social Morality

Kling's Corner Sep 7 2015

Is Big Government an Abilene Paradox?

Book Review Aug 3 2015

The Two Forms of Social Order

Kling's Corner Jul 6 2015

MIT's Model Economics Department

Book Review Jun 1 2015

The Regulator's Calculation Problem

Book Review Apr 6 2015

It's Complicated

Book Review Jan 5 2015

Society and Unplanned Pregnancy

Book Review Dec 1 2014

Public Officials and Cameras

Book Review Nov 3 2014

The Possibility of Anarchy

Book Review Oct 6 2014

Do We Need ESSP?

Kling's Corner Jul 7 2014

The Longitude of Well-Being

Book Review Jun 2 2014

Heritability of Social Status

Book Review May 5 2014

Exit, Voice, and Ignorance

Book Review Apr 7 2014

Banks and Government

Kling's Corner Mar 3 2014

Educating Like a State

Book Review Jan 6 2014

Modernism vs. Corporatism

Book Review Dec 2 2013

Kenneth Minogue on The Servile Mind

Book Review Nov 4 2013

Libertarians and Social Conservatives

Book Review Oct 7 2013

America's Past and America's Future

Book Review Sep 2 2013

Political Romance in the Internet Age

Book Review Aug 5 2013

Naim's End of Power

Book Review Jun 3 2013

State, Clan, and Liberty

Book Review May 6 2013

Educational Freedom

Kling's Corner Apr 1 2013

The Institutions-Intensive Economy

Book Review Feb 25 2013

Libertarians and Group Norms

Book Review Sep 19 2012

The Economics of the Wireless Last Mile

Featured Article Oct 7 2002