September 2023 ISSUE

The Partisan Parting of TV News

By Richard B. McKenzie

Walter Cronkite Fox News commentary host Tucker Carlson and CNN news anchor Don Lemon—both highly paid network stars for their audience ratings—were summarily fired during the same week in April 2023 for undisclosed reasons. Regardless of their professional and/o...

Interpreting Social and Economic Evolution

By Rosolino Candela

A Liberty Classics Book Review of Theory and History: An Interpretation of Social and Economic Evolution, by Ludwig von Mises. 1 How is social cooperation possible without command? The answer to this question requires that we have a conceptual framework (i.e....

The Revanchist Right

By Arnold Kling

... despite spending billions of dollars supporting its infrastructure, and publishing untold thousands of white papers, the establishment Right has registered no clear gains and many clear losses. Much of the nation was conquered on its watch. ... In terms o...

Neoliberalism on Trial: Artificial Intelligence and Existential Risk

By Walter Donway

Rather than breaking capitalism... A.G.I... is more likely to create a powerful... ally for capitalism's most destructive creed: neoliberalism. —Evgeny Morozov. The New York Times1 The New York Times for decades has been America's bellwether of coming po...

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