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October 2021 ISSUE

The Business Subversion of Markets: Contra-Capitalism

By Roger Donway

When a business exploits political interventionism for profit, several terms may be used to describe the undertaking. If one is looking at the exploitation from the perspective of political science—and perceives the behavior as a special-interest group corrupting impa...

We at 100: The Case for Liberty

By Caroline Breashears

Review of We, by Yevgeny Zamyatin. Modern Library Classics. July 11, 2006. First written 1921.1 Decades before Gene Roddenberry launched the U.S.S. Enterprise, Yevgeny Zamyatin imagined the maiden voyage of INTEGRAL, a spaceship designed to carry the odes...

Two Theories of Mind

By Arnold Kling

... people see minds in terms of two fundamentally different factors, sets of mental abilities we label experience and agency. The experience factor captures the ability to have an inner life, to have feelings and experiences. It includes the capacities for...

Progressives’ Desires to Help the Poor Will End Up Hurting Them Instead

By Craig J. Richardson and Richard B. McKenzie

President Biden is crisscrossing the country, pitching his "American Families Plan" at various town halls and press conferences. The White House plan promises to "create millions of new jobs, rebuild the country's infrastructure… and (help) families cover basic expens...

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