August 2021 ISSUE

The Power and Pervasiveness of Spontaneous Order

By Elaine Sternberg

According to Nobel Laureate economist James Buchanan (1977, p.96): ... there is only one principle in economics that is worth stressing.... Apart from this principle there would be no basis for general public support for economics as a legitimate academic disci...

Beavers, Barbados, and the British Empire

By Maria Pia Paganelli

A Book Review of Colonial Ecology, Atlantic Economy: Transforming Nature in Early New England, by Strother E. Roberts. University of Pennsylvania Press. 2019.1 What do beavers in Connecticut have to do with sugar in Barbados? A lot, it seems. So much, act...

How Economics Drives News Media

By Arnold Kling

The membership payers do not pay to get news for themselves (they already know the news). ... They require newsrooms to operate with values, not news. This slowly forces journalism to mutate into crowdfunded propaganda—postjournalism. ... Classical...

Nikole Hannah-Jones vs the UNC Board of Governors: Academic Freedom for Whom?

By Michael Munger

What is academic freedom, and who has it? I ask because near where I live in North Carolina there has recently arisen a controversy sparked by a process that is usually boring and bureaucratic, an academic tenure case. The University of North Carolina is recruiting Niko...

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