September 2021 ISSUE

Progressives’ Desires to Help the Poor Will End Up Hurting Them Instead

By Craig J. Richardson and Richard B. McKenzie

President Biden is crisscrossing the country, pitching his "American Families Plan" at various town halls and press conferences. The White House plan promises to "create millions of new jobs, rebuild the country's infrastructure… and (help) families cover basic expens...

Immigration and the Open Society

By Alberto Mingardi

A Book Review of Immigration and Freedom, by Chandran Kukathas.1 Freedom is "in some way a very ordinary thing, consisting in not being hindered or obstructed in the pursuit of our everyday ends, or watched as we go about our business, or prevented from associati...

The Role of “We” Versus the Role of “I”

By Arnold Kling

All countries and cultures have three basic institutions. There is the economy, which is about the creation and distribution of wealth. There is the state, which is about the legitimization and distribution of power. And there is the moral system, which is the voi...

Is Inequality a Problem?

By Nils Karlson

Book Review of The Poor and the Plutocrats: From the Poorest of the Poor to the Richest of the Rich (Oxford University Press 2021) by Francis Teal.1 Is inequality a problem? Many people seem to think so, if we judge the public discussions in Europe and the Un...

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