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December 2021 ISSUE

Can Cryptocurrencies Become Money?

By Nicolás Cachanosky

The cryptocurrency world has continuously grown since the launch of Bitcoin in January 2009. The novel cryptocurrency was initially launched as a payment technology, namely, to make peer-to-peer transactions without the need for a financial intermediary between the ...

If I Were a Market Monetarist

By Arnold Kling

The central problem in monetary policy is that the variables that a central bank can easily control on a day-to-day basis, such as the fed-funds rate, the monetary base, and the price of gold, do not reliably correlate with the things we care about, such as the CP...

Ludwig von Mises’ Decisive Blows Against Interventionism

By Walter Block

A Liberty Classic Book Review of Ludwig von Mises. 2011[1940]. Interventionism: An Economic Analysis. Indianapolis, IN: Liberty Fund.1 There is no small book that can take the place of Ludwig von Mises' magisterial book, Human Action.2 However, if there were ...

Sermons from Evolutionary Biologists

By Arnold Kling

The best, most all-encompassing way to describe our world is hyper-novel. As we will show throughout this book, humans are extraordinarily well adapted to, and equipped for, change. But the rate of change itself is so rapid now that our brains, bodies, and social ...

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