January 2021 ISSUE

Markets and the Hidden Superpower of Online Education

By Michael L. Davis

Can online education be good education? If you ask most economists, you'll probably get their favorite answer: it depends. To figure it out, they'll tell you, you need to know whether the move to online has expanded or contracted the set of tools available to educators....

Restart Your Engine: How to Educate an American

By Mark C. Schug

A review of How to Educate an American: The Conservative Vision for Tomorrow's Schools, edited by Michael J. Petrilli and Chester E. Finn.1 Readers who are interested in the future of public education will want to read How to Educate an American: The Cons...

How to Break Up the Two-Party Duopoly

By Arnold Kling

Why is business so good in politics? Why does it work so well for the industry itself but not for everyone else? Only by teasing apart the key rules and practices—the machinery of elections and legislating—that have been set and optimized by the duopoly over g...

Adam Smith on Capitalism and the Common Good

By Erik W. Matson

In a speech last November at Catholic University,1 Marco Rubio elaborated a program of "common good capitalism." Drawing on the encyclicals of Pope Leo XIII and John Paul II, Rubio presents a vision of "a system of free enterprise in which workers fulfill their obligati...

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