July 2020 ISSUE

A “Hodgepodge” of State-Based COVID-19 Rules May be Just What the Doctor Ordered

By Richard B. McKenzie

At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, only seven states—Arkansas, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, and Wyoming—had resisted statewide stay-at-home or lockdown regulations to contain the virus (a new strain of coronavirus disease). Even though those stat...

Intellectuals Caught in the Middle

By Arnold Kling

Trump crushed his challengers in the New Hampshire primary, leading to widespread panic among many elite conservatives, and the birth of the #nevertrump hashtag that would give the anti-Trump movement its name. Yet Republican primary voters weren't paying attentio...

Liberalism and Laissez-Faire in Albert Schatz’s Economic and Social Individualism

By Pierre Lemieux

A Liberty Classic Book Review of L'Individualisme économique et social. Ses origines, son évolution, ses formes contemporaines (Economic and Social Individualism: Its Origins, Its Evolution, Its Contemporary Forms), by Albert Schatz.1 Albert Schatz (187...

Liberalism versus the State

By Alberto Mingardi

A Liberty Classic Book Review of Liberalism: The Classical Tradition, by Ludwig von Mises. Liberty Fund. 1962. Tr. by Ralph Raico.1 "The social order created by the philosophy of the Enlightenment assigned supremacy to the common man." These are the very first wo...

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