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May 2022 ISSUE

Private Property and Social Justice: Complements or Substitutes?

By Rosolino Candela

What relationship, if any, exists between the right to private property and social justice? The concept of social justice has been, and continues to be, an elusive one, particularly because this concept has been broadened to encompass a wide variety of issues, inclu...

Looking Back at the Austrian Revival

By Adam Martin

A Liberty Classic Book Review of The Foundations of Modern Austrian Economics, edited by Edwin Dolan.1 What's so Austrian about "Austrian economics?" The label was originally a pejorative, coined by Gustav Schmoller, a harsh critic of Carl Menger's work. ...

Follies in the History of Economic Thought

By Jeremy Horpedahl

A Book Review of Rebellion, Rascals, and Revenue: Tax Follies and Wisdom through the Ages, by Michael Keen and Joel Slemrod.1 Introduction What do you think would happen if suddenly beards and bachelorhood were taxed? Ridiculous, you say? Not so! In the later 17...

A Fictional Progressive Gets Mugged

By Arnold Kling

"But for some reason, the Dutch started to reject that traditional view of society in the sixteenth century. They entertained the idea that it was perfectly fine to trade and make profits. That new, liberal way of looking at life resulted in a rising standard of liv...

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