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Walter Block

Privatize the CBC

Business Economics Sep 30 2021

The New York Times on Rising Wages

Incentives Aug 19 2021

Are Non-Compete Clauses Legitimate? Yes.

Business Economics Jul 24 2021

Libel Laws Should All be Repealed

Law and Economics Jun 12 2021

Do Labor Unions Really Raise Wages?

Labor Market May 28 2021

Coyotes in Stanley Park

Business Economics Apr 19 2021

Rain, Rain, Go Away. Come Again Another Day?

Cost-benefit Analysis Dec 28 2020

Rejoinder to Appelbaum on Friedman

Business Economics Oct 25 2020

Who Owns Your Genes?

Cost-benefit Analysis Sep 27 2020

The Decriminalization of Polygamy

Economics and Culture Aug 29 2020

Should Insider Trading be Legalized?

Finance: stocks, options, etc. Jul 14 2020

COVID19 and Public Housing

Free Markets May 29 2020

Garreth Bloor

What Would Hayek Do? Knowledge and Vaccines

Information Goods, Intellectual Property Apr 12 2020

Eric Voegelin: Economics with a Moral Grounding

Austrian Economics May 27 2019

An Alternative Perspective on Anglo-American Economic Liberties

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 21 2019

Brexit: What's Next?

Eurozone crisis Apr 27 2019

Urban Agriculture or Urban Legend?

Central Planning Mar 27 2019

Bring Entrepreneurship to the Forefront

Austrian Economics Mar 6 2019

Rhetoric's Place in Economic Debate

Economic Education Jan 20 2019

The Cryptocratic Future: Silicon Valley's Uncreative Destruction

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 29 2018

You have them... Robots Don't

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 18 2018

Peter Boettke

Reflections on Science and Society

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 31 2020

Five Books: The Soviet Butcher’s Bill Comes Due

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 10 2020

Five (More) Books: Revisionist Accounts of the Soviet Experience

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 5 2020

Five Books on the Soviet Economy

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 30 2020

Understanding Soviet Socialism: (Twenty) Five Books

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 28 2020

Bryan Caplan

The Card Consensus

Economics of Education Oct 19 2021

Hungarian Events

Economic Philosophy Oct 18 2021

CPI Bias vs. the Penn Effect

Economic Growth Oct 14 2021

Social Desirability Bias vs. Punishment

Behavioral Economics Oct 6 2021

Rational Irrationality in High Places

Behavioral Economics Sep 28 2021

Build, Baby, Build in Nashville

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 27 2021

The Continua of Excludability and Rivalry

Economic Methods Sep 27 2021

A Lone Voice of Reason at UT

Economics of Education Sep 24 2021

Introduction to the Czech Edition of Open Borders

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 23 2021

Woke Is Old

Behavioral Economics Sep 22 2021

Backdoor to the Ivies

Economics of Education Sep 21 2021

Signaling: The Play

Economics of Education Sep 20 2021

Why Are There Zero Republican Mega-Cities?

Behavioral Economics Sep 16 2021

Why It's OK To Speak Your Mind and Exposure

Behavioral Economics Sep 15 2021

Climate Shock Bet

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 14 2021

Our Homeschooling Odyssey

Economics of Education Sep 13 2021

Liberty's Crisis Crisis

Behavioral Economics Sep 8 2021

Response from a Pro-Life Utilitarian (Sort of)

Economic Philosophy Sep 7 2021

The American Experiment in Federalist Dictatorship

Behavioral Economics Sep 3 2021

How Urban Would a Free Market Be?

Regulation Aug 31 2021

Kealey and Protectionism: Further Thoughts

Economic Growth Aug 30 2021

Mises Contra Kealey

Business Economics Aug 26 2021

The Big Deal About Masks

Behavioral Economics Aug 24 2021

Why Not Rectify Past Injustices?

Economic Philosophy Aug 20 2021

Huemer's Two Taxes

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 4 2021

Hanania the Wise

Behavioral Economics Jul 28 2021

First-Hand Experience is Less Biased Than News

Behavioral Economics Jul 9 2021

Libertarian Social Desirability Bias

Behavioral Economics Jul 7 2021

NPR Panel on Capitalism

Cross-country Comparisons Jun 29 2021

My Profound Understanding of Human Nature

Behavioral Economics Jun 24 2021

Backlash vs. Resistance: The Case of Wokism

Behavioral Economics Jun 23 2021

Self-Help vs. Power-Hunger

Behavioral Economics Jun 22 2021

Open Borders on PBS

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 17 2021

Alien Bet

Economic Methods Jun 16 2021

The Apologies of Repeal

Behavioral Economics Jun 15 2021

Learning Disability Accommodation and Signaling

Behavioral Economics Jun 9 2021

Deregulate Discrimination

Behavioral Economics Jun 2 2021

Miguel Perez: A "Bad Student" Makes Good

Behavioral Economics Jun 1 2021

Knowledge, Reality, and Value Book Club Starts Monday

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 28 2021

Bad Religion vs. Labor Econ

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 27 2021

Social Desirability Bias in Three Speeches

Behavioral Economics May 25 2021

The UK's Office of Free Speech

Economics of Education May 20 2021

Crusades and You

Behavioral Economics May 19 2021

Anti-Communism and Anti-Racism: A Final Word

Cost-benefit Analysis May 12 2021

Assessing My COVID Expectations

Cost-benefit Analysis May 11 2021

A Conversation on Freedom, Populism, and Big Tech

Cost-benefit Analysis May 10 2021

COVID Prevention and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost-benefit Analysis May 9 2021

A Few Huemerian Highlights

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 6 2021

Anti-Communism and Anti-Racism: A Reply

Behavioral Economics May 5 2021

Anti-Communism and Anti-Racism Reconsidered

Cost-benefit Analysis May 4 2021

Anti-Communism and Anti-Racism

Behavioral Economics May 3 2021

Thoughts on My Simplistic Theory of Left and Right

Behavioral Economics Apr 29 2021

Dual Anthems

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 28 2021

Boudreaux's Aged Hypothetical

Behavioral Economics Apr 27 2021

The Song of Slack

Behavioral Economics Apr 26 2021

Age and the Value of Life: A Further Reply

Behavioral Economics Apr 22 2021

Goldberg on Expressive Politics

Behavioral Economics Apr 20 2021

An Ageless Hypothetical: Horpedahl's Critique

Behavioral Economics Apr 19 2021

The Romanoffs

Family Economics Apr 15 2021

Admissions versus Asians

Economics of Education Apr 14 2021

An Ageless Hypothetical

Behavioral Economics Apr 13 2021

Anything is Small...

Cost-benefit Analysis Apr 12 2021

What I Did in My 40s

Cost-benefit Analysis Apr 8 2021

Build, Baby, Build: Now Under Construction

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 7 2021

The Great Political Stagnation

Economic History Mar 31 2021

Businesspeople Earn Every Penny

Business Economics Mar 30 2021

Fear Me Not! I Got My COVID Vaccine.

Cost-benefit Analysis Mar 29 2021

Moral Relativism and Moral Fanaticism

Behavioral Economics Mar 25 2021

Repealing Political Discrimination

Economics and Culture Mar 24 2021

A Precommitment

Economic Methods Mar 23 2021

SDB and Me: An Autobiographical Exploration

Behavioral Economics Mar 17 2021

I'm Teaching at the 2021 John Locke Summer School

Economic Education Mar 16 2021

Write Your SDB Autobiography

Behavioral Economics Mar 15 2021

Wiblin, Probability, and Nuclear War

Behavioral Economics Mar 10 2021

Skipping Steps: A Homeschooling Dialogue

Economics of Education Mar 9 2021


Behavioral Economics Mar 8 2021

Postscript: Orwell for Socialism

Book Club Mar 4 2021

Keyhole Solutions: The Song

Economic Education Mar 3 2021

My Social Media Experiment: A Self-Assessment

Behavioral Economics Mar 2 2021

What the Success Sequence Means

Behavioral Economics Feb 23 2021

What Does the Success Sequence Mean?

Behavioral Economics Feb 22 2021

From UBI to Anomie

Behavioral Economics Feb 18 2021

Bioethics: Tuskegee vs. COVID

Cost-benefit Analysis Feb 16 2021

Collective Guilt for Everyone for Everything

Economic Philosophy Feb 11 2021

Revolution is the Hell of It: Algerian Edition

Cost-benefit Analysis Feb 9 2021

A Burkean Beautiful Bubble

Politics and Economics Feb 4 2021

Ronald Coase and Reciprocal Externalities: A Refresher

Cross-country Comparisons Feb 2 2021

Persecution Bet

Economic Methods Jan 28 2021

I Win My Trump Bet

Economic Methods Jan 21 2021

Convenience vs. Social Desirability Bias

Behavioral Economics Jan 14 2021

Open Borders and the Environment

Energy, Environment, Resources Jan 13 2021

Against Apology Perfectionism

Behavioral Economics Jan 12 2021

Sorry for Whatever

Behavioral Economics Jan 7 2021

Betting vs. the Nuclear Option

Behavioral Economics Jan 6 2021

Gramm's Post Office Speech: A Critique

Behavioral Economics Jan 5 2021

My Hands Are Clean

Economic Philosophy Jan 4 2021

When May We Be Happy?

Behavioral Economics Jan 1 2021

Escaping Paternalism Wins the Szasz Prize!

Behavioral Economics Dec 30 2020

The "Democratic Centralism" of COVID

Cost-benefit Analysis Dec 29 2020

Social Desirability Bias vs. Tourism

Behavioral Economics Dec 28 2020

Clear-Cut Price Discrimination

Cost-benefit Analysis Dec 23 2020

Homeless Camping in Austin: A Modest Proposal

Cost-benefit Analysis Dec 22 2020

Partisanship and Support for Immigration

Behavioral Economics Dec 17 2020

Call It Sour Grapes

Behavioral Economics Dec 16 2020

Open Borders: Pegg's Essay Questions

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 14 2020

Spencer and Prejudice

Behavioral Economics Dec 9 2020

The Sense in Which I Don't Trust the Media

Behavioral Economics Dec 2 2020

Life-Years Lost: The Quantity and The Quality

Cost-benefit Analysis Nov 24 2020

The Anti-Jerk Law

Behavioral Economics Nov 23 2020

Yucatan and U Texas

Economic Education Nov 17 2020

Wretched Refuse? vs. Ominous Speculation

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 16 2020

No Son of Mine Will Marry a Consequentialist!

Economic Philosophy Nov 12 2020

"Politically Motivated"

Behavioral Economics Nov 11 2020

Being Normal

Behavioral Economics Nov 10 2020


Behavioral Economics Nov 9 2020

2020 Election Bets

Economic Methods Nov 2 2020

Redeeming Tenure

Economic Philosophy Oct 29 2020

Unschooling + Math

Economics of Education Oct 27 2020

Viral Silence

Economics and Culture Oct 26 2020

The Non-Linear Loophole?

Behavioral Economics Oct 22 2020

Reflections on My Illustration Contest

Behavioral Economics Oct 21 2020

Don't Pickpocket Your Students

Behavioral Economics Oct 20 2020

The Wrong Pieces on the Chessboard

Economics and Culture Oct 19 2020

Reflections on One Billion Americans

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 15 2020

The Freedom to Do What Sounds Wrong

Behavioral Economics Oct 14 2020

Reflections on Texas

Cross-country Comparisons Oct 13 2020

Nudge: Welfare State Edition

Behavioral Economics Oct 3 2020

My Texas Tour

Economic Education Oct 1 2020

Self-Help Is Like a Vaccine

Behavioral Economics Sep 30 2020

Orwellian Othering

Behavioral Economics Sep 29 2020

Business vs. Government: A Few Contrarian Thoughts

Behavioral Economics Sep 28 2020

When Was This Written?

Economics and Culture Sep 24 2020

The Illogic of Collective Guilt

Economic Philosophy Sep 23 2020

The Missing Right-Wing Firms: A Beckerian Puzzle

Behavioral Economics Sep 22 2020

Drissel on the Normative Core

Behavioral Economics Sep 21 2020

It's Complicated: Grasping the Syllogism

Behavioral Economics Sep 17 2020

The Great Reconciliation?

Behavioral Economics Sep 16 2020

Public Choice: The Normative Core

Cost-benefit Analysis Sep 15 2020

Loyalty Oaths Compared: An Orwellian Exercise

Economic Philosophy Sep 14 2020

Escaping Paternalism Book Club Round-up

Behavioral Economics Sep 10 2020

Implicit and Structural Witchery

Economics and Culture Sep 9 2020

The Risks of Friendship: A Socratic Dialogue

Cost-benefit Analysis Sep 8 2020

Personal Immunity and Herd Immunity

Economics of Health Care Sep 2 2020

A Portrait of My School

Economics of Education Sep 1 2020

Should I Start a School?

Cost-benefit Analysis Aug 31 2020

Two Cato Book Forums

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 27 2020

It's Complicated: A Syllogism

Behavioral Economics Aug 26 2020

Omniscience is Not Enough

Behavioral Economics Aug 24 2020

I Win My Warren Bet

Economic Methods Aug 20 2020

You Will Not Stampede Me

Behavioral Economics Aug 17 2020

Krugman and Growth Agnosticism

Behavioral Economics Aug 13 2020

My All-New "Economics of Immigration" Course

Economic Education Aug 12 2020

Escaping Paternalism Book Club: Part 5

Behavioral Economics Aug 11 2020

Silence is Stupid, Argument is Foolish

Behavioral Economics Aug 6 2020

The Uniformity and Exclusion Movement

Behavioral Economics Aug 5 2020

Escaping Paternalism Book Club: Part 4

Behavioral Economics Aug 4 2020

Comments on Siegel's Fewer, Richer, Greener

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 29 2020

Escaping Paternalism Book Club: Part 3

Behavioral Economics Jul 28 2020

When to Defund

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 27 2020

Not Even Daycare

Economics of Education Jul 22 2020

Escaping Paternalism Book Club: Part 2

Behavioral Economics Jul 21 2020

The Diversity Lottery: Some Rough Open Borders Arithmetic

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Jul 20 2020

Who Gets In?

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Jul 19 2020

Observations from Florida

Cross-country Comparisons Jul 16 2020

Coronavirus vs. the Non-Identity Problem

Economic Philosophy Jul 15 2020

Escaping Paternalism Book Club: Part 1

Behavioral Economics Jul 14 2020

Escaping Paternalism: Book Club Schedule

Behavioral Economics Jul 13 2020

You're Fired!

Economic Philosophy Jul 13 2020

Krikorian's "Category Error"

Cost-benefit Analysis Jul 8 2020

Rothbard's Conceived in Liberty: The New Republic

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 1 2020

Immigration vs. Social Desirability Bias

Behavioral Economics Jun 24 2020

Escaping Paternalism Book Club

Behavioral Economics Jun 17 2020

10% Less Democracy

Behavioral Economics Jun 10 2020

What I'm Doing

Cost-benefit Analysis Jun 2 2020

What I'm Thinking

Behavioral Economics Jun 1 2020

Too Terrified to Talk About It

Behavioral Economics May 28 2020

The Roots of Caution

Behavioral Economics May 27 2020

Social Anxiety, #MeToo, and Disaster

Behavioral Economics May 26 2020

How Lockdowns Matter

Incentives May 25 2020

Mitigation Multiplies

Economics of Health Care May 21 2020

Win-Win Denial: The Empirical Psychology

Behavioral Economics May 20 2020

Krikorian's Craziest Belief

Behavioral Economics May 19 2020

Sweden's Keyhole Solution

Behavioral Economics May 18 2020

Krikorian-Caplan Debate Results: A Little Analysis

Behavioral Economics May 14 2020

Reflections on the Krikorian-Caplan Soho Forum Debate

Cost-benefit Analysis May 13 2020

Krikorian/Caplan Soho Forum Debate

Behavioral Economics May 12 2020

Pandemic/Immigration Debate

Economic Philosophy May 5 2020

Jason Brennan's Good Work If You Can Keep It

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 5 2020

Gouge Is Good

Behavioral Economics May 4 2020

Commentary on State Capacity and State Priorities

Behavioral Economics Apr 30 2020

State Priorities, Not State "Capacity"

Behavioral Economics Apr 29 2020

So Congested No One Goes There Anymore?

Behavioral Economics Apr 27 2020

From Telework to Flexible Wages?

Behavioral Economics Apr 22 2020

How to Win Friends and Influence People: Q&A #4

Behavioral Economics Apr 20 2020

Who's Still Getting Sick?

Economics of Health Care Apr 16 2020

How to Win Friends and Influence People: Q&A #3

Behavioral Economics Apr 14 2020

How to Win Friends and Influence People: Q&A #2

Behavioral Economics Apr 10 2020

How to Win Friends and Influence People: Q&A #1

Behavioral Economics Apr 7 2020

Teaching Teaching

Behavioral Economics Apr 2 2020

Leiter-Caplan Capitalism vs. Socialism Debate Video

Cost-benefit Analysis Apr 1 2020

The True CPI Just Jumped

Economic Growth Apr 1 2020

If It's Wrong to Steal Your Wallet...

Economic Philosophy Mar 31 2020

How to Win Friends and Influence People Book Club

Behavioral Economics Mar 30 2020

Open Borders: Now Do You See What We're Missing?

Behavioral Economics Mar 26 2020

Who Are All the People Dying of Flu?

Economics of Health Care Mar 25 2020

Pandemics and Open Borders

Economics of Health Care Mar 24 2020

Emergency Homeschooling: A How-To Guide

Economics of Education Mar 23 2020

I Fear Stagflation and Price Controls Are Coming

Behavioral Economics Mar 18 2020

Study Guide for The Case Against Education

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 17 2020

Hanson's Strategy for Saving Life-Years

Cost-benefit Analysis Mar 16 2020

Reflections on the Leiter-Caplan Debate

Economic History Mar 16 2020

Coronavirus Can-Do

Economic Methods Mar 13 2020

The Leiter-Caplan Socialism Debate

Cost-benefit Analysis Mar 12 2020

Leiter-Caplan Debate

Cross-country Comparisons Mar 10 2020

Missed This In High School

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 9 2020

Open Borders: Think of the Children

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 4 2020

Socialism: Playing With Fire

Behavioral Economics Mar 3 2020

Reflections on Guatemala

Cross-country Comparisons Mar 2 2020

Caplan-Weinersmith Mutual Interview

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Feb 27 2020

Steyn on Our EU Bet

Economic Methods Feb 26 2020

Open Borders in the New Yorker

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Feb 25 2020

The Fertility of City-States

Family Economics Feb 24 2020

Moral Approximates

Economic Philosophy Feb 19 2020

Caplans of the Caribbean

Cross-country Comparisons Feb 12 2020

Mentoring: The Rationality of Fear

Behavioral Economics Feb 5 2020

My Social Media Hiatus

Behavioral Economics Jan 24 2020

Carow Hall Reviews Open Borders

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 22 2020

Profligacy for Austerity?

Economics of Education Jan 21 2020

The Dream of Open Borders

Economic Philosophy Jan 20 2020

What Should I Ask Zach Weinersmith? What Should He Ask Me?

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 16 2020

Don't Be a Modal Weasel

Behavioral Economics Jan 16 2020

Say "Can't" With Care

Behavioral Economics Jan 15 2020

Garett Jones on Open Borders: More Endogenous Than Thou

Cross-country Comparisons Jan 14 2020

Garett Jones on Open Borders: A Belated Reply

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 13 2020

The Speech of Heroes

Behavioral Economics Jan 9 2020

Remember the NAIRU

Economic Methods Jan 8 2020

Psychiatry and Radical Forgiveness

Behavioral Economics Jan 7 2020

Scott Alexander on Mental Illness: A Belated Reply

Behavioral Economics Jan 6 2020

My Complete Bet Wiki

Behavioral Economics Jan 2 2020

I Win My EU Bet

Cost-benefit Analysis Jan 1 2020

The Social Conservatism of Hollywood

Economics and Culture Dec 30 2019

What I've Been Reading Over the Holidays

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 27 2019

My Hayek Memorial Lecture

Cross-country Comparisons Dec 24 2019

Socialism: The Failed Idea That Never Dies

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 23 2019

The Meaning of Generations of Winter

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 20 2019

Explain Your Extremists

Behavioral Economics Dec 10 2019

The Economist Names Open Borders a Best Book of 2019!

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 6 2019

Freiman: Why Not Purge Them?

Behavioral Economics Nov 27 2019

Deludedly Deeming Deregulation a Disaster

Behavioral Economics Nov 26 2019

Immigration Research for the Future?

Economic Methods Nov 21 2019

So If Incentives Are Overrated...

Behavioral Economics Nov 20 2019

Hive Mind and Open Borders

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 19 2019

The Economics of Antipathy and Stereotyping

Economic Education Nov 18 2019

The Economics of Pleasure and Pain

Behavioral Economics Nov 14 2019

Abstract for My IEA Talk

Economic Philosophy Nov 13 2019

Can Republicans Afford to be Pro-Immigrant?

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 12 2019

Freiman: How Is Voting Like the SAT?

Cost-benefit Analysis Nov 11 2019

Cheer the Fall of the Wall

Economic History Nov 9 2019

Open Borders is a New York Times Bestseller!

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 7 2019

Caplan-Weinersmith Ask Me Anything Tonight!

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 6 2019

The One Big Fact that Overawes All Doubts

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 6 2019

Nonlinear Parking Pricing Now!

Microeconomics Nov 5 2019

The Rent Is Too Damn Highlights

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 4 2019

Open Borders in Foreign Policy

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 1 2019

Do You Talk About It in Open Borders Yes!

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 31 2019

Open Borders for Liberals

Behavioral Economics Oct 30 2019

Open Borders for Conservatives

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 30 2019

How Republicans Can Win Back the Immigrant Vote

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 29 2019

Open Borders: Hopes and Fears on Release Day

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 29 2019

How Open Borders Measures Up

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 28 2019

Rod Long on the Plight of the Worker

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 24 2019

Are We Getting Smarter?: Thoughts on the Flynn Effect

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 23 2019

The Roots of Inertia

Behavioral Economics Oct 22 2019

Conformity and Perspective in Nickel and Dimed

Behavioral Economics Oct 17 2019

A Coupon for Kids

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 16 2019

Build, Barbara, Build: Reflections on Nickel and Dimed

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 14 2019

They Know Better

Behavioral Economics Oct 10 2019

Mao Is Murder

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 9 2019

Poverty: A Ranking of What I've Been Reading

Behavioral Economics Oct 8 2019

An Ode to Amazon

Economic Philosophy Oct 7 2019

Letter from a Pakistani Homeschooler

Economics of Education Oct 3 2019

The Not-So-Just World Hypothesis

Behavioral Economics Sep 30 2019

Upcoming Events

Economic Education Sep 25 2019

Russ Roberts on CPI Bias

Economic Education Sep 24 2019

Is That Cricket?

Politics and Economics Sep 24 2019

Terrorism vs. Just War Theory

Economic Methods Sep 23 2019

The Fault Is Not in Our Stuff But in Ourselves

Behavioral Economics Sep 19 2019

The Great Successor: Inside North Korea

Cross-country Comparisons Sep 18 2019

Malevolence and Misunderstanding

Behavioral Economics Sep 17 2019

CPI Bias and Happiness

Behavioral Economics Sep 16 2019

You're All A Bunch of Socialists

Economic Philosophy Sep 12 2019

Monopolize the Pretty Lies

Behavioral Economics Sep 11 2019

Tetlock the Prophet

Behavioral Economics Sep 10 2019

The Domino Theory Reconsidered

Economic History Sep 9 2019

Last Word from Karelis

Behavioral Economics Sep 6 2019

UBI: Some Early Experiments

Cost-benefit Analysis Sep 5 2019

My Last Word on Karelis

Behavioral Economics Sep 4 2019

The "Culture of Poverty" and the War on Poverty

Income Distribution Sep 3 2019

Communism and Fascism

Economic History Aug 29 2019

Karelis Responds to You

Book Club Aug 28 2019

Karelis Responds to Me

Book Club Aug 27 2019

When Was This Written?

Behavioral Economics Aug 26 2019

The Persistence of Poverty: The Spinoffs (Part 8)

Behavioral Economics Aug 20 2019

Dominance: Material vs. Rhetorical

Behavioral Economics Aug 19 2019

Capla-Con 2019

Economic Education Aug 14 2019

Reverse Birth Control: A Thought Experiment

Behavioral Economics Aug 7 2019

Sweetness and Light: A Tale of Sugar Regulation

Regulation and Subsidies Aug 1 2019

Socialism Sucks, and Everyone Ought to Know It

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 30 2019

The Bayesian Prisoners' Dilemma

Behavioral Economics Jul 29 2019

Fernandez-Villaverde, Spain, and Gravity

Cross-country Comparisons Jul 25 2019

Fernandez-Villaverde on Spain's Economic Success

Cross-country Comparisons Jul 24 2019

Winship Psychoanalyzes Economic Pessimism

Economic Growth Jul 23 2019

The Discouraged Suitor

Economics and Culture Jul 22 2019

The Case Against Education: Now in Paperback

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 19 2019

"España Es Como Una Madre"

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Jul 18 2019

Reflections from Spain

Cross-country Comparisons Jul 17 2019

Against Tu Quoque

Cost-benefit Analysis Jul 16 2019

The Broader Effects of Trade and Tech

Cost-benefit Analysis Jul 10 2019

Historically Hollow: The Cries of Populism

Behavioral Economics Jul 4 2019

Jencks on Incentives and Single Motherhood

Behavioral Economics Jul 2 2019

Monetize Your Anger

Behavioral Economics Jun 27 2019

£s for Brexit

Behavioral Economics Jun 25 2019

Murray on the Prevalence of "Poverty"

Economic History Jun 20 2019

Martial Negligence in Game of Thrones and Beyond

Cost-benefit Analysis Jun 18 2019

Why the Prices Are So Damn High: Reply to Alex

Economic Methods Jun 12 2019

In Sync: How Business Responds to Gratis Government

Cost-benefit Analysis Jun 12 2019

Why the Prices Are So Damn High: A Deeper Look

Economic Methods Jun 10 2019

The Backwards Induction of Aging

Behavioral Economics Jun 6 2019

Socialism vs. Capitalism: My Debate with John Marsh

Cross-country Comparisons Jun 5 2019

The Universal Basic Income: Newly Contentious

Behavioral Economics Jun 4 2019

War for Poverty

Behavioral Economics May 29 2019

Caricature vs. Clarence Darrow

Behavioral Economics May 27 2019

"Socialism": The Provocative Equivocation

Behavioral Economics May 22 2019

Letter from an "Anti-School Teacher"

Economics of Education May 20 2019

My Classes in Madrid

Economic Education May 17 2019

Rejoinder to Moller on Immigration

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 16 2019

Rejoinder to Moller on Political Correctness

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 15 2019

Moller Responds on Immigration

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 14 2019

Moller Responds on Political Correctness

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 13 2019

"Politics Awaits"

Behavioral Economics May 9 2019

Backlash Immortal

Behavioral Economics May 8 2019

Big Business Round-up

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 7 2019

The Noble Crony: Big Business on the Politics of Business

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 2 2019

Could Such a Man Care?

Behavioral Economics May 1 2019

Rollback: What's Missing from Big Business

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 30 2019

Big Business: Recasting the Anti-Hero

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 29 2019

Governing Least Round-up

Economic Philosophy Apr 25 2019

You Have No Right to Your Culture

Behavioral Economics Apr 23 2019

Governing Least's Immigration Oversight

Economic Philosophy Apr 22 2019

Governing Least: A Litany of Insight

Behavioral Economics Apr 18 2019

Dan Moller's Governing Least

Behavioral Economics Apr 16 2019

Open Borders: Thanks for Your Support

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 9 2019

Open Borders Launch Fun

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 8 2019

Pre-Order Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 8 2019

Fine on Sturgeon

Economic Methods Apr 2 2019

Reflections on The Sopranos

Behavioral Economics Apr 1 2019

Paasche Says Progress

Economic Growth Mar 28 2019

Letter from a Teachers' Teacher

Economic Education Mar 27 2019

The Depression Preference

Behavioral Economics Mar 26 2019

Reviewing Paranoia

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 25 2019

The Dissident Ambassador

Behavioral Economics Mar 21 2019

Guerrilla Education at Princeton: Letter from a Dad

Economics of Education Mar 20 2019

The Missing Planks

Behavioral Economics Mar 19 2019

Judging Poverty

Behavioral Economics Mar 18 2019

A Signal of Corruption

Economics of Crime Mar 14 2019

Some Men Just Want to Watch Mexico Burn

Behavioral Economics Mar 12 2019

Hypocrisy and Hyperbole

Behavioral Economics Mar 11 2019

A Million-Dollar Education Bet

Economic Methods Mar 7 2019

Klein on Academic Groupthink

Behavioral Economics Mar 6 2019

Quiggin on Our European Unemployment Bet

Cross-country Comparisons Mar 5 2019

I Win My European Unemployment Bet

Cross-country Comparisons Mar 4 2019

Reflections on the Balan-Caplan Poverty Debate

Behavioral Economics Feb 28 2019

The Philosophy of Poverty?: My Opening Statement

Behavioral Economics Feb 27 2019

Elizabeth Warren Bet Update

Economic Methods Feb 26 2019

Apology for a Trainwreck

Behavioral Economics Feb 21 2019

Technological Unemployment and Work

Family Economics Feb 20 2019

Deadlock and Partisan Bitterness

Behavioral Economics Feb 19 2019

Including the Renegade

Behavioral Economics Feb 18 2019

Technological Unemployment: A Self-Test

Behavioral Economics Feb 13 2019

What's Historic?

Economic History Feb 12 2019

We Wanted Tech

Behavioral Economics Feb 11 2019

Borjas and Me in Minnesota

Economic Education Feb 7 2019

A One-Page Hop from Bleeding Heart to Mailed Fist

Economic Philosophy Feb 4 2019

Sorry, Innocent Bystanders

Cost-benefit Analysis Jan 31 2019

A Short Hop from Bleeding Heart to Mailed Fist

Cross-country Comparisons Jan 30 2019

Government Needs No Money to Curtail Pollution

Energy, Environment, Resources Jan 29 2019

The Unearned Compliment of Neoliberalism

Cost-benefit Analysis Jan 28 2019

Why I'm Optimistic About Venezuela

Cross-country Comparisons Jan 24 2019

Is "Intentions=Results" a Straw Man?

Behavioral Economics Jan 23 2019

Immigration as a Civil Right

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Reflections from my Panama Cruise, II

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Reflections from my Panama Cruise, I

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The Reformer's Plight in The Great Idea

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Rainwater's Motivated Reasoning

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Banfield on the Hyperbole of Urban Bankruptcy

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The Novikov Experiment

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Carter on The Case Against Education

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Appeasing Hanson's Critics

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A Most Surprising Clause About "Neoliberalism"

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Yet Another Education Bet

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When All Else Fails for Christmas

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Who's Afraid of Oscar Lewis?

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Lower-Class Families and Evolutionary Psychology

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Is the "Culture of Poverty" Functional?

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A Conservative Confession

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Fight for 15% More Low-Skilled Jobs

Income Distribution Dec 5 2018

Gratis Is Not Great

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Fake Nous: Huemer Starts Blogging

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"Is It Political?"

Economic Philosophy Nov 28 2018

Wiblin's Checklist

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A Kahnemanian Theory of Funerals

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How Is Immigration Like Nuclear Power?

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Why I Seek Converts

Behavioral Economics Nov 15 2018

Great Misinterpretations

Behavioral Economics Nov 13 2018

Open Borders as Global Justice: Sowell Edition

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The Siren of Democratic Fundamentalism

Cost-benefit Analysis Nov 9 2018

Against Veneration

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Wise Words

Politics and Economics Nov 7 2018

Election Boilerplate

Behavioral Economics Nov 6 2018

"Sanction": The Triumph of Ayn Rand's Worst Idea

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Education Is a Passport to the Real Training

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Socialists Without a Plan

Behavioral Economics Oct 31 2018

Inside the Moderate Mind

Behavioral Economics Oct 29 2018

Krugman and Public Choice

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Optimality versus Fire

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Stubborn Detachments

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Meritocracy Without Borders: Sowell Edition

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Does Immigration Shrink the Welfare State?

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A Fatal Flip

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Escaping Poverty

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How Open Borders Died in Five Countries

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Right-Wing Grievance Studies

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Sokal 2.0 as Ideological Turing Test

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Two Tactical Reasons to Show Business Some Love

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Signaling with the CFA

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Discounting Identity

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Singer vs. Horatio Alger

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Our Culture Welcomes You

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You Don't Understand Our Culture

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Carens on Nozick on Immigration

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Regulate the State

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A Birthday Tale

Information Goods, Intellectual Property Sep 17 2018

The Berlin Cage: A Dialogue

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Education: The Betting Continues

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The Berlin Wall: In or Out?

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When Wrong Wins

Moral Reasoning Sep 10 2018

Fluency, Age, and Residence

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A World of Ingratitude

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Vatican vs. Madison

Behavioral Economics Sep 3 2018

An "Anti-School" Teacher on The Case Against Education

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Job Search and the Laws of Wing-Walking

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Why Dodge the Question?

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My Quartz News Interview

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How You Can Find Socialism in a Capitalist World

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My Scandinavian Tour

Economic Education Aug 6 2018

Me on Student Loans in Newsweek

Economics of Education Aug 3 2018

Pro-Market AND Pro-Business

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"Disaster" and Construal Level Theory

Behavioral Economics Jul 31 2018

The Dynamic Case for Non-Compete

Economic Growth Jul 27 2018

Third Thoughts About Trigger Warnings

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A Socratic Inventory

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Profit for Progress

Law and Economics Jul 24 2018

Firm Functionalism

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Radical Markets in Immigration

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No Paper Is That Good

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Decentralization: Please Hold Your Applause

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Court-Packing Bet

Jul 10 2018

Half-Free Trade

Jul 9 2018

Orwellian Trafficking

Economic Philosophy Jul 5 2018

Identity Causes Prejudice

Behavioral Economics Jul 2 2018

End All Crime the Easy Way

Economics of Crime Jun 28 2018

The Signals of Reassurance

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McCarthy's Questions

Book Club Jun 25 2018

A Mythical Micro Meeting

Behavioral Economics Jun 22 2018

The Illusory Arbitrariness of Deploring?

Behavioral Economics Jun 20 2018

How to Believe in Free Speech

Liberty Jun 12 2018

Koyama Responds on State Capacity

Economic Growth Jun 11 2018

The Underbelly of State Capacity

Economic Growth Jun 7 2018

Name Our Graphic Novel!

Economic Philosophy Jun 6 2018

"State Capacity" is Sleight of Hand

Behavioral Economics Jun 5 2018

Szasz and the Statistics of Rare Events

Behavioral Economics Jun 4 2018

Teach My Books

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Franckly Absurd

Behavioral Economics May 31 2018

Franck on the French Terrorism Bet

Behavioral Economics May 30 2018

I Win My French Terrorism Bet

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Hear Rob Wiblin

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What Do Liberal Abusers Really Think?

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Caplan-Glaeser Debate Video

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Caplan-Glaeser Debate: My Opening Statement

Cost-benefit Analysis May 15 2018

Westernization vs. Islamization: My Bet with Jonathan Cast

Cross-country Comparisons May 14 2018

Irrational and Negligent

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Why Isn't the Military a Stronger Signal?

Economics of Education May 8 2018

Income, Sex, and Moral Equivalence

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A Simple Black Swan Proof

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Roccia on The Case Against Education

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Taleb's Answers to My Extra Questions

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Extra Questions for Taleb

Behavioral Economics Apr 30 2018

A Eulogy for Corneliu Mateescu

Economic History Apr 26 2018

How People Get Good at Their Jobs: IDF Edition

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Divine Clarity

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My WSJ Interview/Profile

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Bleg: The Most Quotable Immigrant Memoirs

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From Game Theory to Gas Theory

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Dr. Pritchett's Six Bitter Pills

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Where Worker Productivity Really Comes From

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Back Alley Regulation

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My Conversations with Tyler and Taleb

Economic History Apr 6 2018

We Rule: A Socratic Dialogue

Cross-country Comparisons Apr 4 2018

Janitorial Studies in South Korea

Cross-country Comparisons Apr 3 2018

Leftist Lessons of The Case Against Education

Economic Philosophy Apr 2 2018

Inside the Monkey Trap

Behavioral Economics Mar 29 2018

The Putin Illusion

Behavioral Economics Mar 27 2018

How I Self-Police My Work

Behavioral Economics Mar 26 2018

Capitalism vs. Socialism Debate Video

Cross-country Comparisons Mar 21 2018

Me at Trinity

Economic Education Mar 20 2018

Steelmanning the Iraq War

Behavioral Economics Mar 20 2018

Happy Open Borders Day!

Cost-benefit Analysis Mar 16 2018

Me on C-SPAN

Economic Education Mar 15 2018

Priors and the Death Penalty

Economic Methods Mar 14 2018

Socialization Via Videogames

Cost-benefit Analysis Mar 13 2018

No Kid of Mine is Going to Major in Archaeology!

Behavioral Economics Mar 12 2018

Inside the MBA

Economics of Education Mar 8 2018

Capitalism vs. Socialism: General Thoughts on Bruenig

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Capitalism vs. Socialism: The Bruenig-Caplan Debate

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A Question of Talent Arbitrage

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Medical School: A Whistleblower's Story

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A Bloom-ish Defense of Education

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Reply to Tyler on The Case Against Education

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The Double Whammy of Uselessness

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Harassment: A Keyhole Solution

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Question for Scott

Monetary Policy Feb 16 2018

Beach Critiques The Case Against Education

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The Case Against Education: The EconTalk Podcast

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I Win My Long-Run Gas Price Bet

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NYU Interview + AEI Debate

Economics and Culture Feb 13 2018

Me in the Los Angeles Times

Economics of Education Feb 12 2018

An Awkward College Question

Cost-benefit Analysis Feb 7 2018

Learning Transfer in Athletics

Economics of Education Feb 6 2018

Me at NYU

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David Balan Reviews The Case Against Education

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Feb 5 2018

I Win My Recession Bet

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Reflections on Carey at Cato

Economics of Education Feb 1 2018

What My University President Says

Economics of Education Jan 30 2018

My Interview with The Chronicle of Higher Education

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 30 2018

My Cato Talk

Economic Education Jan 30 2018

Confessions of a Voc-Tech Teacher

Economics of Education Jan 29 2018

Two Comments on Coy

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 26 2018

My Interview with Princeton University Press

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 25 2018

Huemer on Ultra-Ineffective Altruism

Behavioral Economics Jan 24 2018

Tomorrow's Events

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A Deal on Immigration is Most Unwise

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Gillespie Interviews Me on The Case Against Education

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Elephant in the Brain on Religious Hypocrisy

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A Golden Journey

Economic History Jan 19 2018

The Case Against Education at Cato

Economics of Education Jan 10 2018

An Ignorant Plot?

Economics of Education Jan 2 2018

I Win All My Ebola Bets

Behavioral Economics Jan 1 2018

Only the Rich

Behavioral Economics Dec 28 2017

Me on Education on Tucker Carlson

Economics of Education Dec 27 2017

The Political Economy of Social Desirability Bias

Behavioral Economics Dec 21 2017

Family, Pop Culture, and the Nurture Assumption

Behavioral Economics Dec 19 2017

Reply to Noah on The Case Against Education

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 18 2017

The Truth Hurts: Public Choice and Liberty

Economic Philosophy Dec 13 2017

My Excerpt in The Atlantic

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 8 2017

The Unbearable Arbitrariness of Deploring

Behavioral Economics Dec 6 2017

Me in Switzerland and Germany

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 4 2017

Hartmann-Sauer ITT

Behavioral Economics Nov 30 2017

Why It Matters Whodunit

Behavioral Economics Nov 29 2017

International Adoption: The Personal Side

Behavioral Economics Nov 22 2017

Answer These Questions About the Reformation

Behavioral Economics Nov 21 2017

The Ideological Turing Test in 3 Minutes

Behavioral Economics Nov 20 2017

A Vast But Dwindling Reservoir of Nativism

Behavioral Economics Nov 16 2017

All Roads Lead to Open Borders: Slides

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 15 2017

Why Question the Protestant Reformation?

Economic History Nov 14 2017

All Roads Lead to Open Borders: An Advance Look

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 13 2017

The Case Against Education Now Available for Preorder!

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 9 2017

Lessons of the South Asian Swastika

Behavioral Economics Nov 8 2017

The Value of the Reformation: Reply to Somin

Cost-benefit Analysis Nov 2 2017

Touchy-Feely Bull in a China Shop

Behavioral Economics Nov 1 2017

Hard Questions About the Protestant Reformation

Cost-benefit Analysis Oct 31 2017

Soonish Success!

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 26 2017

Econ as Anatomy

Economic Education Oct 24 2017

Students for Liberty Open Borders Debate: My Opening Statement

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Oct 23 2017

Resentment Not Hate

Behavioral Economics Oct 19 2017

Anti-Market Bias in One Sentence

Behavioral Economics Oct 18 2017

Thoughts on the UMich Immigration Debate

Economic Methods Oct 17 2017

Me in Michigan

Economic Education Oct 10 2017

Hume on Pessimistic Bias

Behavioral Economics Oct 9 2017

What's Killing Us? A Huemer Guest Post

Behavioral Economics Oct 5 2017

The Pathos of Doing the Best I Can

Behavioral Economics Oct 4 2017

Doing the Best I Can: Social Science at Its Best

Behavioral Economics Oct 3 2017

The Forgotten Man/Woman

Family Economics Sep 28 2017

The Bias of Modern Art

Behavioral Economics Sep 26 2017

Milgram's "Obedience to Authority" Replicates

Behavioral Economics Sep 25 2017

Left and Right: A Socratic Dialogue

Behavioral Economics Sep 21 2017

Does Prosperity Make Us Utilitarian?

Behavioral Economics Sep 19 2017

The Wonder of International Adoption: Adult IQ in Sweden

Cross-country Comparisons Sep 18 2017

A Taste of Bastiat

Behavioral Economics Sep 14 2017

Case Against Education Updates

Economic Education Sep 11 2017

More Reasons to Read About Religion

Behavioral Economics Sep 6 2017

Caplan Family School Graduation Podcast

Economic Education Sep 5 2017

My Homeschooling Textbooks

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 30 2017

Tristan Caplan's Tetlockian Glossary

Economic Methods Aug 29 2017

Four Decades of Middle Eastern Disaster: The Proximate Cause

Cross-country Comparisons Aug 28 2017

Pacifism in A Generation of Materialism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 25 2017

New Reflections on the Evolution in France

Cross-country Comparisons Aug 21 2017

War Crimes and the Long Run

Behavioral Economics Aug 15 2017

What's in Your Bag?

Behavioral Economics Aug 8 2017

Stop Thinking Like a Tourist: Macaulay Edition

Behavioral Economics Aug 1 2017

Caplan in Paris

Economic Philosophy Jul 24 2017

How Conscious Is Your Robot?

Behavioral Economics Jul 20 2017

Murder: A Socratic Dialogue

Behavioral Economics Jul 18 2017

Em Bet?

Behavioral Economics Jul 17 2017

Imperialism in A Generation of Materialism

Behavioral Economics Jul 13 2017

Statutory Rape and Availability Bias in Virginia

Behavioral Economics Jul 12 2017

Stop Thinking Like a Tourist

Behavioral Economics Jul 11 2017

Minimally Convincing

Economic Methods Jul 5 2017

They Were Terrible

Behavioral Economics Jul 4 2017

What Is Resentment?

Behavioral Economics Jun 29 2017

Reply to Yudkowsky

Behavioral Economics Jun 28 2017

Yudkowsky on My Simplistic Theory of Left and Right

Economic Philosophy Jun 27 2017

Boudreaux on the Progressive Mentality

Behavioral Economics Jun 26 2017

Progressive/Libertarian: The Alliance That Isn't

Behavioral Economics Jun 22 2017

Build, Baby, Build

Cost-benefit Analysis Jun 21 2017

Positive-Sum Diversity

Cost-benefit Analysis Jun 20 2017

Special Diversity

Cost-benefit Analysis Jun 19 2017

Trust and Diversity: Not a Bang But a Whimper

Economic Methods Jun 15 2017

What a Bet Shows

Behavioral Economics Jun 14 2017

Immigration Charity at Work

Cost-benefit Analysis Jun 12 2017

Balan on the Immigration Bet

Economic Methods Jun 8 2017

Unfortunately, I Win My Obama Immigration Bet

Economic Methods Jun 7 2017

Mean Reversion and the Permanent Income Hypothesis

Behavioral Economics Jun 5 2017

Cruise Ships and Private Plots

Cross-country Comparisons May 29 2017

Nationalism Is Not News

Behavioral Economics May 25 2017

Trust Assimilation in the United States

Economics and Culture May 24 2017

The Behavioral Econ of Paperwork

Behavioral Economics May 23 2017

Me on Anarcho-Capitalism on the Rubin Report

Cross-country Comparisons May 18 2017

The "Real X" Defense

Economic History May 17 2017

Geography Is Policy

Cost-benefit Analysis May 15 2017

What Is Emotional Truth?

Economic Philosophy May 12 2017

What's Wrong With the Macro AP

Economic Education May 10 2017

Warren Bet

Economic Methods May 8 2017

Pollitt on Putnam

Economics and Culture May 4 2017

The Widerquist-Caplan UBI Debate

Cost-benefit Analysis May 3 2017

Remember Marxism?

Economic Philosophy May 2 2017

The Consumer Gratitude Heuristic

Behavioral Economics May 1 2017

The World's Worst Argument Against Homeschooling

Cost-benefit Analysis Apr 27 2017

What Is Self-Righteousness?

Economic Philosophy Apr 25 2017

Earth 2.0?

Economic Philosophy Apr 24 2017

IQ With Conscience: Three Followups

Economic Philosophy Apr 19 2017

IQ With Conscience

Economic Philosophy Apr 18 2017

Economic Systems: The Fundamental Questions

Economic Education Apr 17 2017

The Undermotivated Apostate

Behavioral Economics Apr 11 2017

A Keynesian Conundrum

Fiscal Policy Apr 10 2017

Scott Alexander's Self-Evaluations

Economic Methods Apr 6 2017

What's Wrong With the Rationality Community

Behavioral Economics Apr 4 2017

Education, Politics, and Peers

Economics and Culture Apr 3 2017

The Case Against Education News

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 30 2017

Complacent Trust

Cross-country Comparisons Mar 29 2017

UBI and Health Care: What's Wrong With Murray's Approach

Economics of Health Care Mar 28 2017

Two Intuitionist Insights

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 27 2017

Good Manners vs. Political Correctness

Behavioral Economics Mar 23 2017

Is Immigration a Basic Human Right? Full Video

Economic Philosophy Mar 22 2017

Soonish by Kelly and Zach Weinersmith

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 6 2017

San Diego Immigration Debate

Economic Philosophy Mar 6 2017


Behavioral Economics Mar 2 2017

Read Meer

Economic Education Mar 1 2017

My Deportation Index: The Drum Critique

Cost-benefit Analysis Feb 28 2017

Trump Bet Clarification

Economic Methods Feb 27 2017

Who's the Real "Deporter in Chief"?

Economic Methods Feb 23 2017

Do Middle-Class College Kids Already Have a UBI?

Behavioral Economics Feb 22 2017

UBI Debate Video

Economic Philosophy Feb 21 2017

See You At ISFLC 2017

Economic Education Feb 17 2017

I'll Never Ever Ever Do It Again

Behavioral Economics Feb 16 2017

The Costs of Diversity: What Will I Learn?

Cross-country Comparisons Feb 15 2017

The Psychiatry Museum vs. the Reasonable Radical

Behavioral Economics Feb 14 2017

Final Reply to Dolan on the UBI, For Now

Economic Philosophy Feb 13 2017

Rejoinder on UBI

Economic Philosophy Feb 9 2017

UBI: Ed Dolan Responds

Economic Philosophy Feb 8 2017

UBI: Reply to Dolan

Economic Philosophy Feb 7 2017

A Surprising Supply of Communist Dupes

Behavioral Economics Feb 6 2017

How to Sell YIMBY to California and New York

Behavioral Economics Feb 2 2017

The Chamber of No

Behavioral Economics Jan 31 2017

Limited Government as Insurance

Cost-benefit Analysis Jan 30 2017

The Many Faces of Means-Testing

Cost-benefit Analysis Jan 24 2017

Caplan-Wilkinson Universal Basic Income Debate

Economic Philosophy Jan 23 2017

The Most I'll Admit

Behavioral Economics Jan 19 2017

The Great Californian Bag Surplus

Cost-benefit Analysis Jan 18 2017

The Priority Resolution

Behavioral Economics Jan 1 2017

I Dream of Repentance

Behavioral Economics Dec 26 2016

Easy Answer All My Students Should Know

Economic Education Dec 20 2016

Orange Rocks and the Minimum Wage

Behavioral Economics Dec 19 2016

Many a Slip

Behavioral Economics Dec 16 2016

National Origin as Nurture Effect

Economic Methods Dec 15 2016

Conversion: The Quantity/Quality Trade-off

Behavioral Economics Dec 8 2016

Three Themes of the Niskanen Center

Behavioral Economics Dec 7 2016

The Dumbest Thing Batman Ever Said

Behavioral Economics Dec 5 2016

Borjas, Ideology, and #ForeignLivesMatter

Cost-benefit Analysis Dec 1 2016

Ten Points on the Wrong Side of History

Behavioral Economics Nov 30 2016

Why I'm Not Freaking Out

Behavioral Economics Nov 29 2016

How Castro is Like the Minimum Wage

Behavioral Economics Nov 28 2016

Trump Bets: One Actual, Ten Potential

Economic Methods Nov 23 2016

If the Angry Could Hear What the Calm Do Not Say

Behavioral Economics Nov 22 2016

Xenophobia and Canada

Behavioral Economics Nov 21 2016

Memory of Credibility

Behavioral Economics Nov 17 2016

The Silent Suffering of the Non-Neurotic

Behavioral Economics Nov 15 2016

The Excellent and Admirable Alex Tabarrok

Cost-benefit Analysis Nov 14 2016

I Win All My Election Bets

Behavioral Economics Nov 9 2016

One Last Election Bet

Economic Methods Nov 7 2016

My Intellectual Insurance Policy

Cost-benefit Analysis Nov 4 2016

The Divisiveness of Cohesion

Behavioral Economics Nov 4 2016

The Full Hanson-Caplan Robot Debate

Economic Philosophy Nov 3 2016

Brigham Young, Pioneer Prophet: A Biography with Depth

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 2 2016

Elections Are Surveys: The Case of AIP

Behavioral Economics Oct 25 2016

The Huemer Graph

Oct 24 2016

I Want to Know How the Transporter Works

Behavioral Economics Oct 21 2016

Against Robotic Panic

Growth: Consequences Oct 19 2016

The Pride of Homeschooling

Economic Philosophy Oct 17 2016

Hanson-Caplan Robot Debate this Monday in NYC

Economic Growth Oct 14 2016

Huemer Replies on the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Cost-benefit Analysis Oct 13 2016

Schneider's The Deadly Sins

Behavioral Economics Oct 9 2016

Michigan State Debate

Economic Philosophy Oct 5 2016

All Roads Lead to Open Borders: A Caplan/Weinersmith Collaboration

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 5 2016


Cost-benefit Analysis Oct 3 2016

Apolitical Reasons to Hate Politics

Behavioral Economics Sep 27 2016

Binding Arbitration: The Radical Implications

Institutional Economics Sep 26 2016

Value-Added and Social Desirability Bias

Behavioral Economics Sep 20 2016

GMU's Visionary

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 16 2016

Truman Bewley Comes to GMU

Behavioral Economics Sep 14 2016

Why I Don't Vote: The Honest Truth

Economic Philosophy Sep 13 2016

From the Cutting Room Floor: The Case Against Education

Economics of Education Sep 12 2016

The Ultra-Selective Rationality of Politicians

Behavioral Economics Sep 9 2016

Solve for This Equilibrium

Behavioral Economics Sep 8 2016

Betting Justice

Behavioral Economics Sep 7 2016

Helicopter Parenting and Moral Causation

Behavioral Economics Sep 6 2016

The Math Myth

Cost-benefit Analysis Sep 1 2016

Animal Farm in Reverse

Behavioral Economics Aug 31 2016

Closing Comments on Captain Fantastic

Economics of Education Aug 30 2016

Commentary on Captain Fantastic

Economic Philosophy Aug 29 2016

Neurotic Politics

Behavioral Economics Aug 26 2016

Metzger on Headline Dismay Minimization

Behavioral Economics Aug 25 2016

The Fall 2016 Public Choice Center Seminar Series

Economic Education Aug 24 2016

Headline Dismay Minimization

Behavioral Economics Aug 23 2016

An ITT I Cannot Pass

Behavioral Economics Aug 22 2016

Huemer's "Relativism and Tyranny"

Economic Philosophy Aug 22 2016

The Immigration/Labor Demand Elasticity Puzzle

Economic Methods Aug 18 2016

Labor Demand Elasticity: Boredom is Thoughtless

Cost-benefit Analysis Aug 17 2016

Open Borders Philanthropy Bleg

Cost-benefit Analysis Aug 16 2016

Murder Equivalents

Behavioral Economics Aug 15 2016

What I Fail to Realize

Economic Philosophy Aug 10 2016

Johnson Bet

Economic Methods Aug 9 2016

The Huemer-Caplan Exchange

Cost-benefit Analysis Aug 8 2016

Huemer's Letter to Brian Doherty

Economic Philosophy Aug 3 2016

Is It Really Conscious?

Behavioral Economics Aug 2 2016

Tolstoy, Hypocrisy, and Puritanism

Behavioral Economics Aug 1 2016

Huemer's "On Liberty and Philosophy"

Economic Philosophy Jul 29 2016

Robin's Turing Test

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 28 2016

The Science of Homeschooling

Economics of Education Jul 27 2016

Cosmopolitans and False Consciousness

Behavioral Economics Jul 26 2016

Immigrants and Everest

Behavioral Economics Jul 25 2016

A Numerate Sermon on Terrorism

Behavioral Economics Jul 22 2016

I Win My Cruz Bet with Steve Pearlstein

Economic Methods Jul 21 2016

The Hyperbole of Backlash

Economics and Culture Jul 21 2016

7th Grade: The Homeschooling Experience

Economics of Education Jul 20 2016

Slavery in the Age of Em

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 19 2016

Observations from Europe

Behavioral Economics Jul 17 2016

Is Education Good for the Soul?

Economic Philosophy Jul 4 2016

Outline for Poverty: Who To Blame

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 27 2016

Hanson's Predictions: A 5-Page Age of Em Robustness Test

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 24 2016

Brexit Bet Comment

Economic Methods Jun 24 2016

My Answers for Robin

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 16 2016

Pre-Brexit Bet Clarification

Economic Methods Jun 16 2016

Deregulation, Voodoo, and Krugman

Economic Philosophy Jun 14 2016

3 Answers from Robin

Cost-benefit Analysis Jun 14 2016

3 Questions for Robin

Cost-benefit Analysis Jun 13 2016

The Age of Em: Reply to Robin

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 13 2016

Robin Hanson's The Age of Em: A Succinct Assessment

Behavioral Economics Jun 10 2016

What's Wrong in Robin Hanson's The Age of Em

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 7 2016

Regret and the Status Quo

Behavioral Economics Jun 6 2016

What's Right in Robin Hanson's The Age of Em

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 1 2016

Exclusion: The Uncanny Moral Valley

Behavioral Economics Jun 1 2016

Why I Think I Win My Bets

Behavioral Economics May 27 2016

Migration and Welfare in Maoist China

Cross-country Comparisons May 26 2016


Economic Education May 23 2016

Multinationals Are Well-Managed in All Countries

Cross-country Comparisons May 20 2016

A Story of Signaling

Economics of Education May 18 2016

The Specter of Open Borders

Behavioral Economics May 13 2016

Consols Contra the Liquidity Trap

Macroeconomics May 13 2016

Emigration and Revolution

Behavioral Economics May 12 2016

The Observational/RCT Correlation

Economic Methods May 11 2016

Dementia, Antihistamines, and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Behavioral Economics May 10 2016

The Value of History

Cost-benefit Analysis May 6 2016

Lip Service

Behavioral Economics May 5 2016

Exploring the Place Premium

Cross-country Comparisons May 3 2016

What the Primaries Mean

Economic Methods May 2 2016

The End of Doom and Cost-Benefit Methodology

Behavioral Economics Apr 29 2016

Two Alienated Questions

Behavioral Economics Apr 27 2016

Taxing the Rich: Strange Hope for Liberty

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 26 2016

Education: Free Matters

Behavioral Economics Apr 25 2016

The Diction of Social Desirability Bias

Behavioral Economics Apr 22 2016

Against Trolling

Cost-benefit Analysis Apr 20 2016

My Complete Bet Inventory: 2016 Edition

Behavioral Economics Apr 19 2016

The Welfare State and Taxes Are Bad, Mmkay

Cost-benefit Analysis Apr 15 2016

Biased Behavioral Econ

Behavioral Economics Apr 14 2016

Updated Bet Inventory Bleg

Economic Methods Apr 13 2016

Inform Me

Cost-benefit Analysis Apr 12 2016

School Is to Submit: My Critique

Behavioral Economics Apr 11 2016

Ungag Expertise

Behavioral Economics Apr 8 2016

Naik on Credentialism and Immigration

Economics of Education Apr 7 2016

Approaching Infinity by Michael Huemer

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 6 2016

Vietnam War Draft Resistance: Huemer Worked

Cost-benefit Analysis Apr 5 2016

Does Science Need Common Sense?

Economic Philosophy Apr 4 2016

Two Terror Graphs

Cost-benefit Analysis Apr 1 2016

The Case Against Education: Forthcoming from Princeton University Press

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 31 2016

So Far: My Response on Unfriendly AI

Behavioral Economics Mar 30 2016

So Far: Unfriendly AI Edition

Cost-benefit Analysis Mar 29 2016

So Far

Cost-benefit Analysis Mar 25 2016

Get a Compound

Behavioral Economics Mar 23 2016

My Simplistic Theory of Left and Right, 2016 Edition

Behavioral Economics Mar 21 2016

The Freedom-Loving Case for Open Borders

Cost-benefit Analysis Mar 18 2016

Retroactive Krikorianism

Cost-benefit Analysis Mar 17 2016

The Glorious Lasting Accidental Liberalization

Behavioral Economics Mar 16 2016

How Open Borders Will Win, If It Wins

Behavioral Economics Mar 15 2016

The Microaggressions of Immigration

Behavioral Economics Mar 14 2016

Myth of the Rational Voter 2016

Behavioral Economics Mar 1 2016

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Economic Education Feb 25 2016

Teaching to the Test Bleg

Economics of Education Feb 22 2016

I Win My Bush-Trump Bet with Tim Kane

Economic Methods Feb 22 2016

Ancestry and Long-Run Growth Reading Club: Chanda Comments

Cross-country Comparisons Feb 19 2016

Prove-Me-Wrong Prizes

Behavioral Economics Feb 19 2016

The Question I Didn't Ask Nate Silver

Behavioral Economics Feb 18 2016

Praise: Substitution versus Income Effects

Behavioral Economics Feb 16 2016

Hopeless Excuses

Behavioral Economics Feb 15 2016

Putterman-Weil Data

Economic Growth Feb 12 2016

Two Fun Facts from Putterman-Weil

Book Club Feb 12 2016

Betting Rules

Behavioral Economics Feb 11 2016

A Simple Proof Not All Markets Work Well

Behavioral Economics Feb 9 2016

I Win My Long-Term Unemployment Bet with Tyler

Behavioral Economics Feb 8 2016

Two Election Bets

Economic Methods Feb 2 2016

ADHD Reconsidered

Economic Philosophy Feb 2 2016

ADHD Shall Save Us

Behavioral Economics Feb 1 2016

An Ivy League Admissions Officer Speaks

Economics of Education Jan 29 2016

My Future of Freedom Foundation Interview

Cost-benefit Analysis Jan 28 2016

Art Carden

The Simple Economics of Pornography

Economics and Culture Jan 7 2020

Indirect Finance and the Cousin Eddie Problem

Economic Education Nov 23 2019

A Missed Opportunity for Mutual Learning

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 6 2018

Saving Labor with Disposables

Economic Education Aug 24 2017

Conspiracy and Condemnation

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 4 2017

By Request: Factor Price Equalization

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Nov 29 2014

By Request: Externalities

Political Economy Nov 29 2014

By Request: Economics and Christianity

Economics and Culture Nov 29 2014

I Keep Returning to This Book...

Austrian Economics Nov 20 2014

A Lot Happened in 1962

Economic History Nov 14 2014

Third Parties in Congress: Props to Jon Murphy

Behavioral Economics Nov 5 2014

Can Labeling Compound Erroneous Beliefs?

Information Goods, Intellectual Property Nov 1 2014

What Does Fusion Mean for the Future?

Energy, Environment, Resources Oct 16 2014

Should Financial Literacy Be Part of the Core of K-12 Education?

Finance: stocks, options, etc. Oct 9 2014

Investing: A Weekend Thought

Finance: stocks, options, etc. Oct 4 2014

The Austrian Tradition on Mises' Birthday

Austrian Economics Sep 29 2014

Social TV: Social Media Creates More Weak Ties

Information Goods, Intellectual Property Sep 25 2014

Saving Money with One Income

Family Economics Sep 21 2014

How Can Small Kids Earn a Few Dollars?

Family Economics Sep 17 2014

Recent Reading: Onward, Christian Soldiers Edition

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 16 2014

Will "Minecraft Coaching" be a 21st Century Job?

Economics of Education Sep 15 2014

Why Should You Major in Economics?

Economics of Education Sep 10 2014

Laniakea for the Laniakeans!

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Sep 6 2014

Are Your Clicks More Powerful Than Your Votes?

Politics and Economics Sep 2 2014

Should You Take Notes By Hand and Read Paper Books?

Economics of Education Aug 29 2014

Schooling and Technology in The Second Machine Age

Economics of Education Aug 27 2014

Quarters on the Sidewalk as Stimulus

Politics and Economics Aug 18 2014

Cryptocurrencies and Mobile Tipping

Cryptocurrency Aug 14 2014

Open Borders Bingo!

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Aug 12 2014

Uber's Strategy: Appeal to People, Not Power?

Political Economy Aug 11 2014

Bootleggers and Baptists in Alabama Politics

Politics and Economics Aug 5 2014

Why Don't We Observe Time-Traveling Arbitrageurs?

International Macroeconomics Jul 28 2014

The Rhetoric of Rights and Permission

Political Economy Jul 24 2014

The Brilliance Of The Onion on Immigrant Fruit

International Trade Jul 22 2014

Does Paying More to Hire Americans Help Americans?

International Trade Jul 21 2014

Where Will We Put All These Immigrants?

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Jul 17 2014

Intolerant Socialism

Economic Philosophy Jul 14 2014

Landfills as Inventories

Energy, Environment, Resources Jul 7 2014

I, Crayon

Central Planning Jul 3 2014

New Immigration Journal from the Hoover Institution: Peregrine

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Jun 24 2014

Another Immigrant Sneaks Across the Border to Take an American Job

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Jun 21 2014

SMBC Features The Greatest Commencement Ever

Economics of Education Jun 19 2014

Two Calls for Papers from Econ Journal Watch

Upcoming Events Jun 17 2014

Voter Biases, Explained with Video

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Jun 3 2014

Reverse Mortgages in Organs

Microeconomics Jun 2 2014

Why I Fight Write

Economic History Dec 31 2013

Immigrants and their Motivations, Part 2

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Dec 31 2013

Should We Forgive Student Loan Debt?

Economics of Education Dec 30 2013

Immigrants and Their Motivations

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Dec 28 2013

Climate Stabilizers: How Do People Adjust?

Growth: Consequences Dec 26 2013

A New Gig:

Money and Inflation Dec 21 2013

Economics in One Meme: Growing Again

Central Planning Dec 20 2013

Interest is Special, Says Special Interest

Macroeconomics Dec 17 2013

I, Christmas

Central Planning Dec 10 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! For What are You Thankful?

Growth: Consequences Nov 28 2013

Rights are Obligations, and That's the Problem

Economics of Health Care Nov 27 2013

Economics and The Rapture

Behavioral Economics Nov 19 2013

Oppression is a Negative-Sum Game

Economic Growth Nov 15 2013

Of Fossil Fuels, Forests, and the Future of Prosperity

Energy, Environment, Resources Nov 11 2013

Best. Comment. Ever.

Behavioral Economics Nov 11 2013

Why Do Incorrect Stories Stick?

Behavioral Economics Nov 9 2013

An Invitation to Bryan Caplan and Vivek Wadhwa: Care to Debate?

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Nov 5 2013

What I've Been Reading Lately

Book Club Nov 4 2013

Do We Work Too Much?

Behavioral Economics Oct 30 2013

Listener-Supported Radio: What Should I Do?

Microeconomics Oct 21 2013

Giving Writers the Benefit of the Doubt

Behavioral Economics Oct 16 2013

Time for a Third Party? Let's Bet

Political Economy Oct 11 2013

Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren*

Economic Growth Oct 10 2013

What I've Been Writing Lately

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 9 2013

Keep Calm and Read Bastiat

Macroeconomics Oct 5 2013

What I've Been Reading Lately

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 27 2013

Four Readings from Frederic Bastiat

Economic Philosophy Sep 16 2013

Sometimes, "Not My Problem" Is the Right Answer

Austrian Economics Sep 12 2013

Why Should We Go To War With [Name]?

Political Economy Sep 6 2013

What I've Been Writing Lately: On Immigration

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Sep 6 2013

Why are YOU A Libertarian?

Moral Reasoning Sep 5 2013

Further Notes on Schooling

Economics of Education Sep 5 2013

Ronald Coase, 1910-2013

Obituaries Sep 2 2013

I'm Proud to Be a Bad Person

Economics of Education Aug 30 2013

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Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 22 2013

I, Beef Jerky

Central Planning Aug 21 2013

On Re-Reading Hayek's The Road to Serfdom

Austrian Economics Aug 12 2013

New at Forbes: McDonald's and Minimum Wages

Central Planning Jul 30 2013

But Did it Toast?

Austrian Economics Jul 23 2013

The Absurdity of Royalty

Economics and Culture Jul 23 2013

I, Toaster: Revisited

Austrian Economics Jul 22 2013

On Bastiat and the Edifice Complex

Central Planning Jul 18 2013

We-e-ee Are NEVER EVER EVER--Running Out of Oil!

Energy, Environment, Resources Jul 17 2013

Recent Reading

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 16 2013

Trading With Foreigners: What's In It For Us?

Cost-benefit Analysis Jul 15 2013

Questions for Independence Day Evening

Political Economy Jul 4 2013

Coase versus Pigou on Independence Day

Central Planning Jul 4 2013

Market Distortions Are Lower Bounds

Behavioral Economics Jul 2 2013

The Most Bourgeois Place on Earth?

Central Planning Jun 27 2013

The Present and the Future Both Need Bastiat

Economic Growth Jun 26 2013

Happy Anniversary, Shannon Carden

Family Economics Jun 21 2013

Deirdre McCloskey: Julian Simon Award Winner

Economic History Jun 20 2013

Cato Unbound on Recycling: A Landfill is an Inventory

Cost-benefit Analysis Jun 18 2013

Happy Birthday, David Carden

Family Economics Jun 18 2013

Which Books Should We Re-Read?

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 17 2013

Happy Birthday, Taylor Grace Carden

Family Economics Jun 16 2013

Atlas Shrugged: My Two Favorite Passages

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 12 2013

Foreign Language Study: Should it Be Compulsory?

Cost-benefit Analysis Jun 10 2013

Recent Reading: Fiction Edition

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 6 2013

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Caveat Emptor: Will The Buyer Be Caught?

Labor Market May 30 2013

Coase on a Plane: My Answer

Cost-benefit Analysis May 24 2013

Coase on a Plane, or, an Idea, Recycled

Institutional Economics May 23 2013

Updating My RSS Feeds: What Am I Missing?

Cost-benefit Analysis May 21 2013

Values Every Scholar Should Adopt

Moral Reasoning May 18 2013

Look Out the Window, or, Stop and Smell the Bacon

Energy, Environment, Resources May 17 2013

Recent Reading and Coming Attractions: Stats, Stats, and More Stats!

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 16 2013

Recent Reading

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 15 2013

Kling on Clans, North on States

Economic History May 14 2013

Facebook: So Long. Sort of.

Behavioral Economics May 10 2013

Talk this Morning: "More Immigrants, Please"

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Apr 24 2013

On Homeschoolery: A Bet, Revised

Economics of Education Apr 9 2013

On The Effects of Homeschooling: A Bet

Behavioral Economics Apr 7 2013

Why Economics and Liberty?

Economic Methods Apr 1 2013

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Jul 24 2006

Economics and charity runs

Economics and Culture Jul 22 2006

A Cantabrian Commerce Centenary

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Second Best and Socialist Calculation

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Tragedy of the Commons

Economic History Jul 19 2006


Cross-country Comparisons Jul 19 2006

Offsetting behaviour

Regulation and Subsidies Jul 18 2006

Physician, consult an economist.

Economics of Health Care Jul 18 2006

Returns to Beauty

Human Capital Jul 17 2006

Further Kiwiana

Cross-country Comparisons Jul 17 2006

Prediction Markets?

Information Goods, Intellectual Property Jul 16 2006

Ideology and the Classroom

Economic Education Jul 16 2006

French Labour Markets

Labor Market Jul 15 2006


Cross-country Comparisons Jul 15 2006

Veronique de Rugy

Bad Timing and Budget Gimmicks

Fiscal Policy Oct 8 2021

Climate Change: Compared to What?

Energy, Environment, Resources Sep 10 2021

Taxes? What Taxes?

Fiscal Policy Sep 8 2021

Misplaced Outrage About the Debt Ceiling

Fiscal Policy Aug 31 2021

COVID, and Stimuli, and Keynes, oh my!

Fiscal Policy Jun 8 2021

Thomas Firey

A (Modest?) Proposal for Earmarking

Fiscal Policy Jul 30 2021

Life, Liberty, and M*A*S*H: Pro-Market

#ReadWithMe Nov 17 2020

Life, Liberty, and M*A*S*H: Anti-Draft

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Life, Liberty, and M*A*S*H: Anti-War

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Life, Liberty, and M*A*SH

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Laughter, Liberty, and M*A*S*H

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Will Invoking the DPA Yield More Ventilators?

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Trump, Behavioral Economics, and Public Choice

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The Trump Regulatory Record

Regulation Jan 17 2020

Midnight Foreign Policy?

Foreign Policy Oct 25 2019

A Trade “Level Playing Field” Isn’t So Great

International Trade Sep 30 2019

WaPo Embraces its Inner Malthus

Energy, Environment, Resources Apr 11 2019

Is Capital Morally Superior to Labor?

Labor Market Nov 29 2018

Will Trump Join the "Fight for $15?"

Labor Market Nov 12 2018

Of Mergers, Government Meddling, and Chocolate

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MAGAnomics: a 500 Day Appraisal

Fiscal Policy Jul 19 2018

CAFE for Jobs

May 24 2018

David Henderson

The FDA's War Against the Truth on Ivermectin

Economics of Health Care Oct 19 2021

Angrist's Critique of Card and Krueger

Economic Methods Oct 17 2021

The Power of Compounding

Economic Education Oct 16 2021

The Pros and Cons of Irish Democracy

Law and Economics Oct 15 2021

Good News on Oil Spills

Energy, Environment, Resources Oct 14 2021

Outtakes from my Nobel Article

Labor Market Oct 12 2021

A Nobel for Natural Experimenters

Economic Methods Oct 11 2021

A Modest Proposal on Beef

Regulation Oct 9 2021

Great Moments in Central Planning

Central Planning Oct 8 2021

Fond Memories of Alchian and Tullock

Economic Education Oct 6 2021

The $1 Trillion Platinum Coin

Economic Philosophy Oct 6 2021

Casey Mulligan Reads the Bill

Incentives Oct 5 2021

Haitian Assimilation

Labor Market Oct 4 2021

Where's the Beef?

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 3 2021

Eric Posner on Monopsony

Labor Market Sep 30 2021

Paul Samyn's Failure to Distinguish

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Boudreaux on Monopsony

Economic Philosophy Sep 28 2021

Man on a Tightrope

Central Planning Sep 27 2021

Reply to Bob Murphy's Query

Liberty Sep 26 2021

How to Make Housing More Affordable

Price Controls Sep 24 2021

Angry Bears

Behavioral Economics Sep 23 2021

Henderson on UCLA on EconTalk

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Thoughts on Canada's Election

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Sep 21 2021

Preach What You Practice

Liberty Sep 20 2021

Boudreaux on Government's Nature

Public Choice Theory Sep 19 2021

Wagner's and Weitzman's Bathtub Analogy

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 17 2021

My 12th-Grade Odyssey

Economics of Education Sep 16 2021

Elder's Error?

Incentives Sep 14 2021

Dr. Moreno Comes Through

Liberty Sep 10 2021

Milton Friedman's Long-Run Impact

Economic Philosophy Sep 9 2021

MRI Pricing

Economics of Health Care Sep 8 2021

Sunk Costs and Base Running

Sports Economics Sep 4 2021

Henderson and Hooper on Ivermectin

Economics of Health Care Sep 3 2021

The Friedmans on Equality of Outcome

Economic Philosophy Sep 1 2021

Two Great Passages from Free to Choose

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 31 2021

Jack of All Trades

Economic Philosophy Aug 29 2021

The Problem With Nordhaus

Energy, Environment, Resources Aug 28 2021

Orwell and Ehrenburg on Hope

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 27 2021

The Truman Fabrication

Economic History Aug 26 2021

Sensible Medical Pricing? Maybe

Business Economics Aug 25 2021

Canada's Decline in Press Freedom

Liberty Aug 24 2021

Voluntary Peaceful Activity is So Often Better than Government

Information Goods, Intellectual Property Aug 23 2021

How China Is Grabbing "Our" Electric Market

International Trade Aug 18 2021

NIH Head's Shocking Innumeracy

Economics of Health Care Aug 17 2021

Recent Study of Ivermectin Finds No Effect on Covid

Economics of Health Care Aug 12 2021

Peaceful Easy Feeling After Crossing the Border

International Trade Aug 9 2021

Aaron Burr's Explanation of 1830s Political Parties

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 4 2021

Travel from Canada to the United States

International Trade Aug 3 2021

Canada’s Border Policy Doesn’t Scale

International Trade Aug 1 2021

How Scientific is the FDA?

Economics of Health Care Jul 29 2021

Essential UCLA School is Now Out

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 24 2021

Market Values ARE Human Values

Economic Philosophy Jul 21 2021

Freedom is Regulation, Florida Edition

Business Economics Jul 17 2021

Biden's Executive Order on Competition

Business Economics Jul 16 2021

Reminiscences of Thurgood Marshall

Economic History Jul 14 2021

Two Facts about Mass Transit and Cars

Business Economics Jul 13 2021

The New World of Radio

Business Economics Jul 12 2021

Larry White on Brainerd on Stablecoins

Monetary Policy Jul 9 2021

Is It Alright to Steal from Bill Gates?

Economic Philosophy Jul 8 2021

Campusland Delivers

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 8 2021

Are Externalities Enough?

Public Health Jul 7 2021

Congressman Rumsfeld on the Draft

Foreign Policy Jul 5 2021

Two Objections to Free Trade

International Trade Jul 4 2021

Mike Gravel on Sunk Costs in War

Labor Market Jul 2 2021


Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 28 2021

The Case for Boarding Houses

Regulation Jun 25 2021

How Government and Politics Work

Media Watch Jun 24 2021

Whalen and Henderson on the Assault on Wealth

Economic Growth Jun 22 2021

Two Hopeful Signs

Economics of Health Care Jun 20 2021

The Origin of SARS-Cov-2

Politics and Economics Jun 19 2021

Sunk Cost and Marginal Cost: Our Microwave

Cost-benefit Analysis Jun 17 2021

The Everyday Miracles on the Web

Economic Growth Jun 15 2021

A Warm Memory about State Farm's Good Will

Business Economics Jun 8 2021

Strawmen, Steelmen, and Bad Faith

Economic Philosophy Jun 7 2021

How Reliable is Government Information?

Central Planning Jun 6 2021

Models versus Data

Energy, Environment, Resources Jun 5 2021

The Enemy Below

Foreign Policy Jun 2 2021

How Many Pinocchios Should Glenn Kessler Get?

Economic Education May 30 2021

Failure to Launch and UBI

Behavioral Economics May 28 2021

Jerry Nadler's Radical Tax Reform

Economic Philosophy May 26 2021

George Blake's Shocking Absence of Due Diligence

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 24 2021

Thinking on the Margin in the NBA

Economic Education May 23 2021

Inflation: True and False

Economic Growth May 21 2021

Rosen versus Henderson on Child Tax Credits

Income Distribution May 20 2021

What is Ontario Trying to Tell Us?

Energy, Environment, Resources May 19 2021

Panetta, Quayle, and Clinton

Fiscal Policy May 18 2021

Ridicule or Reach Out?

Media Watch May 17 2021

The Miserable Americans

Economics of Crime May 16 2021

Tim Kane's Immigrant Interview of Henderson

Economic Philosophy May 15 2021

Jason Furman on High UI

Incentives May 14 2021

Ryan Streeter's Grounds for Optimism

Economic Growth May 13 2021

Bob Chitester RIP

Obituaries May 10 2021

Two Questions on Sunkara's Book

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 9 2021

Despite or Because of?

Incentives May 7 2021

Camping Cohen's Commitment

Liberty May 6 2021

Henderson on John Batchelor Show on Family Allowance

Regulation and Subsidies May 6 2021

Richard Nixon and the Draft

Labor Market May 5 2021

Economic Lessons from COVID-19

Central Planning May 1 2021

Incentives Matter in Banking Too

Economic History Apr 27 2021

An Immigrant's Story

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Apr 26 2021

Child Allowances are a Bad Idea

Regulation and Subsidies Apr 24 2021

Andy Pasztor on Our Amazing Airplane Safety Record

Information Goods, Intellectual Property Apr 21 2021

Walter Oi and Armen Alchian on Value of Life

Economic Methods Apr 20 2021

The Resource Cost of a Gold Standard

Monetary Policy Apr 19 2021

Berlin Rent Control Unconstitutional

Price Controls Apr 16 2021

Canadian versus US Banking

Economic History Apr 15 2021

Larry White on the Gold Standard

Monetary Policy Apr 14 2021

Anthony Fauci is Anti-Science

Cost-benefit Analysis Apr 13 2021

Both Amazon and Workers Win

Labor Market Apr 11 2021

I LOVE State Farm

Business Economics Apr 10 2021

Hayek on High Prices for 10 Seconds of Work

Information Goods, Intellectual Property Apr 8 2021

Henderson on Good and Bad Inequality

Incentives Apr 7 2021

The Nobel Factor

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 6 2021

Deadweight Loss Computations

Taxation Apr 5 2021

Africa Tries Free Trade

Economic Growth Apr 1 2021

Chuck Baird: A Fond Reflection

Economic Education Mar 30 2021

Covid Caution and Curry

Behavioral Economics Mar 29 2021

Charles Ball's Humanity

Economic History Mar 28 2021

Whose Body Is It Anyway?

Cost-benefit Analysis Mar 26 2021

The Solution to Expensive Housing Is More Housing

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 25 2021

Ludwig von Mises on the "Barbarous Relic"

Monetary Policy Mar 24 2021

Brookings' Cliff Winston on Infrastructure

Central Planning Mar 24 2021

Krugman Illustrates Caplan's Point

Fiscal Policy Mar 23 2021

The Damage Yet to Come from the "Stimulus"

Fiscal Policy Mar 19 2021

Covid Minimizing on One Variable

Regulation Mar 18 2021

Strangely Liberating

Incentives Mar 17 2021

Should AstraZeneca Vaccine Be Paused?

Central Planning Mar 16 2021

Alice Rivlin on Bracket Creep

Money and Inflation Mar 15 2021

What Alan Blinder Missed on Inflation

Money and Inflation Mar 14 2021

Great Cowen Interview of John Cochrane

Economics of Health Care Mar 11 2021

My Thoughts on Unions

Labor Market Mar 10 2021

An Unnecessary "Stimulus"

Fiscal Policy Mar 6 2021

PC and PG Matter More than Content at Google

Business Economics Feb 28 2021

Private versus Government

Behavioral Economics Feb 24 2021

Serbians' Freedom to Choose

Economics of Health Care Feb 23 2021

L'Etat, c'est Ro

Labor Market Feb 23 2021

Jeff Hummel on Classical Liberals and Libertarians

Economic Philosophy Feb 22 2021

The Sunk Cost Lesson Stuck

Economic Education Feb 21 2021

The Opportunity-Killing Minimum Wage

Labor Market Feb 19 2021

In Praise of CVS

Central Planning Feb 18 2021

Charley Hooper on Masks

Public Health Feb 17 2021

The Communist Trabant

Central Planning Feb 15 2021

The Magness Horpedahl Convergence on Masks

Public Health Feb 14 2021

Redford on Qualified Immunity and Moral Hazard

Economics of Crime Feb 11 2021

Ezra Klein on California Housing Restrictions

Politics and Economics Feb 11 2021

White Guilt and Reparations: A True Story

Economic History Feb 11 2021

What is Equity?

Economic Philosophy Feb 9 2021

Caitlin Doughty on Death

Family Economics Feb 6 2021

Cost/Benefit Analysis or Rock, Paper, Scissors

Cost-benefit Analysis Feb 4 2021

Margins and the 2020 Presidential Election

Politics and Economics Feb 3 2021

People Have Purposes; Markets Don't

Free Markets Jan 29 2021

The Big Long

Finance: stocks, options, etc. Jan 28 2021

Will the Vaccines Mess With Our DNA?

Economics of Health Care Jan 25 2021

Richard Yetter Chappell on Lessons from the Pandemic

Behavioral Economics Jan 24 2021

Appreciating Walter Williams

Labor Market Jan 22 2021

Valerie Ramey Has the Same Quandary I Do

Cost-benefit Analysis Jan 21 2021

William Allen RIP

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 20 2021

A Shocking USPS Admission

Incentives Jan 18 2021

Charles Barkley Articulates the Benefit Principle

Cost-benefit Analysis Jan 15 2021

Great Moments in California Lockdowns

Regulation Jan 14 2021

Eric Hoffer on "Property Rights" in Jobs

International Trade Jan 11 2021

Joe Stiglitz on Taxing Interest

Taxation Jan 10 2021

Did Trump Foment a Violent Assault?

Law and Economics Jan 9 2021

Sunk Costs in Iraq and Afghanistan

Foreign Policy Jan 8 2021

The Big Lesson of 2020: Government Failure

Central Planning Jan 7 2021

Ralph K. Winter Jr. RIP

Public Choice Theory Jan 6 2021

Newt Gingrich's Numeracy Problem

Fiscal Policy Jan 2 2021

Auld Lang Syne

Liberty Jan 1 2021

My Top 12 Blog Posts of 2020

Economic Education Dec 31 2020

Larry White on Bitcoin

Monetary Policy Dec 29 2020

Joe Stiglitz Channels Armen Alchian

Economics of Education Dec 26 2020

Joe Stiglitz on Taxes

Public Choice Theory Dec 24 2020

The Economic Way of Travel

Cost-benefit Analysis Dec 23 2020

Hypocrisy Over Lockdowns

Regulation Dec 22 2020

Casey Mulligan on Donald Trump versus Jeb Bush

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 21 2020

More Charter Schools, Less Teen Suicide

Economics of Education Dec 20 2020

Adding Demand to Increase Excess Demand

Public Health Dec 20 2020

My Work Continuage: A Confession

Economics of Education Dec 19 2020

Who Said It?

Economics of Education Dec 18 2020

Great Moments in Central Planning

Central Planning Dec 17 2020

The FDA's Deadly Caution

Economics of Health Care Dec 17 2020

Should John Brennan Be Accountable?

Information Goods, Intellectual Property Dec 16 2020

Response to a Friend about Fear of Death

Economics of Health Care Dec 14 2020

Answer to a Reader on What We Should Fear

Economics of Health Care Dec 11 2020

A 1972 Memory of Walter Williams

Labor Market Dec 5 2020

Vaccines' Last Hurdle: Central Planners

Central Planning Dec 4 2020

Walter Williams RIP

Obituaries Dec 2 2020

Are Higher-Paying Jobs Worse than Lower-Paying Jobs?

Economics of Education Dec 1 2020

To Fear or Not to Fear: That is the Question

Behavioral Economics Nov 27 2020

Two Bad Ideas on Student Debt, Part 2

Economics of Education Nov 24 2020

Sullivan and Henderson Talk on School Shutdowns

Cost-benefit Analysis Nov 23 2020

Warren Coats's Experience with Unions

Incentives Nov 22 2020

End the School Shutdown

Economics of Education Nov 21 2020

Great Line from T.S. Eliot

Economics and Culture Nov 20 2020

Two Bad Ideas on Student Loans, Part 1

Economics of Education Nov 19 2020

Dogs, Mountain Lions, and COVID-19

Statistical theory and methods Nov 18 2020

Henderson WSJ Op/Ed on 2020 Nobel Prize

Business Economics Nov 17 2020

Judy Shelton for Fed?

Central Planning Nov 16 2020

The Anti-Capitalist Dilemma

Business Economics Nov 13 2020

Murray Rothbard on Humane Immigration Policy

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Nov 12 2020

Tobin Taxes and Elasticity

Taxation Nov 11 2020

The Simple Wonders of Everyday Capitalist Life

Business Economics Nov 8 2020

State Income Tax Rates Over Time

Taxation Nov 5 2020

Voting and Margins

Public Choice Theory Nov 2 2020

Jonathan Rauch Has a GREAT Answer

Economics and Culture Nov 2 2020

J.B. Say on Gains from Exchange

Economic Education Nov 1 2020

Sean Connery RIP

Growth: Consequences Oct 31 2020

The COVID/Lockdown Recession Is Over

Economic Growth Oct 30 2020

The Unjoined Debate

Public Health Oct 29 2020

Manitoba COVID-19 Data

Public Health Oct 28 2020

One of Tyler Cowen's Points is Right

Public Health Oct 27 2020

Tyler Cowen Doubles Down

Liberty Oct 26 2020

Illinois Restaurants Collude to Expand Output

Business Economics Oct 25 2020

How Much Should Young People Be Punished?

Economics of Health Care Oct 24 2020

Managing and Mismanaging the Covid Shock

Business Economics Oct 23 2020

Open the Schools and the Playgrounds

Economics of Education Oct 21 2020

Private Firms Cannot Censor

Business Economics Oct 20 2020

Hirshleifer on Regression to Savagery

Economic History Oct 19 2020

Reply to Paul Romer

Liberty Oct 14 2020

How Does Big Tech Cheat and Steal?

Economics of Crime Oct 14 2020

Sir Samuel Brittan RIP

Economic Philosophy Oct 13 2020

Henderson on Nobel Winners in Wall Street Journal

Business Economics Oct 13 2020

Jagdish Bhagwati for Nobel Prize

International Trade Oct 11 2020

Casey Mulligan's Excellent Adventure

International Trade Oct 9 2020

Three Economists Walk Into a Discussion, Part 2

Economics of Education Oct 7 2020

On the Shortness of Time

Economic Philosophy Oct 6 2020

A Hole in the Market

Central Planning Sep 22 2020

Raghuran Rajan's The Third Pillar

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 18 2020

NASA Is Paying for Moon Rocks

Property Rights Sep 17 2020

Case and Deaton on Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 16 2020

Branko Milanovic on Holiday Inn

Economic Growth Sep 15 2020

EconTalk with Bob Chitester

EconTalk Sep 14 2020

O'Rourke on the Millennials and Socialism

Economic Education Sep 13 2020

Beware the Duck!

Energy, Environment, Resources Sep 12 2020

Ivor Cummins on the Coronavirus

Public Health Sep 10 2020

The Right to Labor

Labor Market Sep 7 2020

The Virus May Strike Teachers Unions

Economics of Education Aug 31 2020

Wisconsin Vandals and U.S. Bombers

Economics of Crime Aug 30 2020

Is China an Economic Threat?

International Trade Aug 27 2020

Good News from Georgia

Fiscal Policy Aug 26 2020

Greg Ip Should Read the Wall Street Journal

Economics of Health Care Aug 25 2020

Concise Encyclopedia Biography of Kirzner

Austrian Economics Aug 24 2020

Teaching Responsibility

Economic Philosophy Aug 23 2020

The Dysfunctional FDA

Economics of Health Care Aug 21 2020

What's the Moral Case for Capitalism?

Economic Philosophy Aug 20 2020

Environment Costs of Reforming Methane Rule are Trivial

Energy, Environment, Resources Aug 19 2020

Economists at War

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 16 2020

The Decline of Competition?

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